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The top songs from 2007

With enormous help from Gizmo, this list is coming up soon.

Does anyone know the lists from BLENDER and SPIN? As always, I'm only interested in combined staff lists.

If you're waiting for something good...

Re: The top songs from 2007

Here is, I think, Blender's top 209 songs of 2007:

Now! That’s What We Call Indie
!!! “Heart of Hearts”
Ryan Adams “Halloweenhead”
Air “Mer du Japon”
Apostle of Hustle “National Anthem of Nowhere”
Arcade Fire “No Cars Go”
Band of Horses “Is There a Ghost”
Andrew Bird “Darkmatter”
Black Kids “I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You”
Bloc Party “I Still Remember”
Blonde Redhead “23”
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah “Underwater (You and Me)”
Feist “My Moon My Man”
Handsome Furs “What We Had”
LCD Soundsystem “All My Friends”
The Long Blondes “Giddy Stratospheres”
Los Campesinos! “We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives”
The National “Fake Empire”
the New Pornographers “Myriad Harbour”
Okkervil River “Plus Ones”
Johnathan Rice “We’re All Stuck Out in the Desert”
Rilo Kiley “Silver Lining”
The Rosebuds “Get Up Get Out”
The Shins “Phantom Limb”
Silversun Pickups “Lazy Eye”
Spoon “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb”
The Teenagers “Homecoming”
Vampire Weekend “Cape Cod Kwassa”
Wilco “Impossible Germany”
Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Down Boy”
Yeasayer “2080”

In Da Club
50 Cent “I Get Money”
Chris Brown feat. T-Pain “Kiss Kiss”
DJ Khaled “We Takin’ Over”
Down AKA Kilo “Lean Like a Cholo”
Eve “Tambourine”
Gym Class Heroes “Clothes Off!!”
Calvin Harris “Acceptable in the 80s”
Hot Dollar “Streetz On Lock”
Jay-Z “Roc Boys (And the Winner Is ...)”
Tracy Jordan “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah”
Justice “D.A.N.C.E”
Kia $hine “So Krispy”
Maroon 5 “Makes Me Wonder”
M.I.A. “Boyz”
Kevin Michael “We All Want the Same Thing”
Ne-Yo “Because of You”
Rich Boy “Throw Some D’s”
Nicole Scherzinger “Supervillain”
Soulja Boy tell’em “Crank That (Soulja Boy)”
T-Pain “Bartender”
Timbaland feat. Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado “Give It to Me”
Kanye West “Good Life”
Will.i.am “I Got It From My Mama”
Young Buck “Get Buck”
Young Jeezy feat R. Kelly “Go Getta”

Hip-Hop for Hipsters
Chromeo “Momma’s Boy”
The Cool Kids “’88”
Dizzee Rascal “Sirens”
Dude ’N Nem “Watch My Feet”
Santogold “Creator”
Uffie “Pop the Glock”
Kanye West “Stronger”
Wu-Tang Clan “Watch Your Mouth”
Yo Majesty “Club Action”

Songs to WHOO-HOO! To
1990s “You’re Supposed to Be My Friend”
Against Me! “Thrash Unreal”
Arcade Fire “Keep the Car Running”
Arctic Monkeys “Brianstorm”
Brakesbrakesbrakes “Cease and Desist”
The Clutters “9999 (Ways to Hate Us)”
The Cribs “Men’s Needs”
Endeverafter “Baby Baby Baby”
Fall Out Boy “Thnks Fr Th Mmrs”
Foo Fighters “The Pretender”
Fountains of Wayne “Strapped for Cash”
The Fratellis “Flathead”
Jason Isbell “Brand New Kind of Actress”
Jonny Lives! “Get Steady”
Linkin Park “Bleed It Out”
M.I.A. “BirdFlu”
My Chemical Romance “Teenagers”
Nickelback “Rockstar”
Nine Inch Nails “Survivalism”
Noisettes “Sister Rosetta (Capture the Spirit)”
Operator “Soulcrusher”
Paramore “Misery Business”
Radiohead “Bodysnatchers”
Shop Boyz “Party Like a Rock Star”
Smashing Pumpkins “Tarantula”
Bruce Springsteen “Livin’ in the Future”
Vampire Weekend “Oxford Comma”
We Are Standard “On the Floor”
The White Stripes “Icky Thump”

Old Dudes … Remixed!
Mark Ronson “Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine”
Frankie Valli “Beggin’ (Pilooski re-edit)”
Wu-Tang Clan “The Heart Gently Weeps”

Sad White People
Gary Allan “Watching Airplanes”
The Bravery “Time Won’t Let Me Go”
Bright Eyes “Four Winds”
Chiodos “Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered”
Kelly Clarkson “Don’t Waste Your Time”
Daughtry “Home”
Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry”
Fountains of Wayne “Someone to Love”
Charlotte Gainsbourg “AF607105”
JJ Grey and Mofro “Country Ghetto”
Interpol “The Heinrich Maneuver”
Avril Lavigne “When You’re Gone”
LCD Soundsystem “Someone Great”
Paul McCartney “Ever Present Past”
Modest Mouse “Little Motel”
Radiohead “All I Need”
Jenny Owen Youngs “Fuck Was I”

Weird White People
Aly & AJ “Potential Breakup Song”
Animal Collective “Peacebone”
Devendra Banhart “Tonoda Yanomaminista”
Battles “Atlas”
Beirut “Elephant Gun”
Björk “Earth Intruders”
Blitzen Trapper “Wild Mountain Nation”
Manu Chao “Rainin in Paradize”
Matthew Dear “Deserter”
Celine Dion “Taking Chances”
The Fiery Furnaces “Ex-Guru”
Gogol Bordello “Ultimate”
Klaxons “Gravity’s Rainbow”
Pop Levi “Blue Honey”
Mika “Relax (Take It Easy)”
Of Montreal “Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse”
White Williams “New Violence”
Yacht “See a Penny (Pick It Up)”

Wayne’s World
Lil Wayne “Dough Is What I Got”
Lil Wayne “I Feel Like Dying”
Lil Wayne “La La La”
Lil Wayne “Live From the 504 [Rap City Freestyle]”
Lil Wayne “Promise”
Lil Wayne “We Takin’ Over (Freestyle)”
Lil Wayne “The Zoo”
Lloyd feat. Lil Wayne “You”
Swizz Beatz feat. R. Kelly and Lil Wayne “It’s Me Bitches”

Girl Power
Sara Bareilles “Love Song”
Bat For Lashes “What’s a Girl to Do”
Mary J. Blige “Just Fine”
Vanessa Carlton “Nolita Fairytale”
Ciara “Like a Boy”
Keyshia Cole “Let It Go”
Miranda Lambert “Gunpowder & Lead”
Lori McKenna “I Know You”
M.I.A. “Paper Planes”
Katy Perry “Ur So Gay”
The Pierces “Boring”
the Pipettes “Pull Shapes”
Plastiscines “Loser”
Riskay “Smell Yo Dick”
Tegan and Sara “Back in Your Head”
Carrie Underwood “Crazy Dreams”

Hip-Hop High School
Jason Fox “Aunt Jackie”
Hurricane Chris “A Bay Bay”
Lil Mama “Lip Gloss”
Soulja Boy tell’em “Report Card”

Hey Shawty!
Dream “Shawty Is Da Shit”
Lloyd “Get It Shawty”
Plies feat. T-Pain “Shawty”
T-Pain “Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin’)”

Pickup Artists
Betty Davis “If I’m in Luck I Might Get Picked Up”
Flight of the Conchords “Business Time”
J. Holiday “Bed”
R. Kelly feat. T.I. and T-Pain “I’m a Flirt”
Kings of Leon “On Call”
Klaxons “No Diggity”
Pretty Ricky “On the Hotline”
Andy Samberg feat. Adam Levine “Iran So Far”

Drugs, Drugs and Rock & Roll
Babyshambles “Delivery”
The Ike Reilly Assassination “Valentine’s Day in Juarez”
Jarvis Cocker “Tonite”
Jay-Z “Blue Magic”
Joe Nichols “Let’s Get Drunk and Fight”
Panda Bear “Take Pills”
Leann Rimes “Nothin’ Better to Do”
Blake Shelton “The More I Drink”
Britney Spears “Gimme More”
Amy Winehouse “Rehab”
Yung Joc “Coffee Shop”

Dangerously In Love
Akon “Don’t Matter”
Natasha Bedingfield “I Wanna Have Your Babies”
The Bird and The Bee “Fucking Boyfriend”
Candice “Break Up Song”
Brandi Carlile “The Story”
Hilary Duff “Stranger”
Fabolous feat. Ne-Yo “Make Me Better”
Feist “1234”
Fergie “Clumsy”
Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett “Way Back Into Love”
R. Kelly “Real Talk”
Alicia Keys “No One”
Sean Kingston “Beautiful Girls”
Katharine McPhee “Love Story”
Kylie Minogue “2 Hearts”
Kate Nash “Foundations”
Paolo Nutini “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty”
Gwen Stefani feat. Akon “The Sweet Escape”
St. Vincent “Marry Me”
T-Pain “Calm the Fuck Down”
Robin Thicke “Lost Without U”
Ashley Tisdale “Be Good to Me”
UGK feat. OutKast “International Players Anthem”
Loudon Wainwright III “You Can’t Fail Me Now”
Elliott Yamin “Wait for You”

Department of “WTF?”
Tay Zonday “Chocolate Rain”

Re: The top songs from 2007

SPIN's 20 Best Songs of 2007:

1. Kanye West, "Stronger"
2. LCD Soundsystem, "All My Friends"
3. Justice vs. Simian, "We Are Your Friends"
4. M.I.A., "Bird Flu"
5. The National, "Fake Empire"
6. UGK feat. OutKast, "International Players Anthem"
7. Lil Wayne, "I Feel Like Dying"
8. Arcade Fire, "Intervention"
9. Dude 'N Nem, "Watch My Feet"
10. Kanye West feat. T-Pain, "The Good Life"
11. Against Me!, "Thrash Unreal"
12. Manu Chao, "Rainin in Paradise"
13. Grinderman, "No Pussy Blues"
14. F---ed Up, "Year of the Pig"
15. Lil Mama, "Show Me What You Got"
16. Swizz Beatz feat. Lil Wayne, "It's Me Bitches (Remix)"
17. Just Jack, "Starz in Their Eyes"
18. T-Pain feat. Yung Joc, "Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')"
19. Rihanna, "Umbrella"
20. DJ Unk feat. Andre 3000, "Walk It Out (Remix)"

Re: The top songs from 2007

Kanye West is turning into Puff Daddy except with indie cred.

He keeps getting credit for rapping mediocrely over other people's songs. The only difference is he raps mediocrely over better songs than Puff Daddy ever did.

Re: The top songs from 2007

I seriously hope that "Wayne's World" section isn't eligible...

Re: The top songs from 2007

No less than Robert Christgau just called Lil Wayne the best rapper alive. We're going to be dealing with "Wayne's World" for quite a while, I think...

My favorite group headings on the BLENDER list are "Sad White People", "Weird White People", and "Hey Shawty!" (yes, there -were- a lot of "shawty" songs this year). And I love that they included "Business Time", a brilliant parody of R&B love-man machismo from HBO-by-way-of-New Zealand comedy duo Flight of the Conchords:

"Girl, tonight we're gonna make love. Do you know how I know? Because it's Wednesday. And, Wednesday is the night we usually make love."
"You lean over and whisper, 'Is that it?' Awww, I know what you're tryin' to say, girl. You're tryin' to say, 'Mmm, that's it...' "

Re: The top songs from 2007

With this update will we be seeing the 2007 items integrated into the main list?

Re: The top songs from 2007

No integration yet. That won't happen until the autumn or possibly the end of the summer.

Re: The top songs from 2007

How soon?

Re: The top songs from 2007

Definitely before the end of this week.

Re: The top songs from 2007

The list is up now. See the AM main page.

Re: The top songs from 2007

Henrik, All I see is this on a blank page.


Re: The top songs from 2007

Try this direct link: http://www.acclaimedmusic.net/Forum/songs2007.xls

Re: The top songs from 2007

Ok, I'm sorry but the fact I'm gonna come on here and see Soulja Boy ranked saddens me so greatly I can't express it in words.

Re: The top songs from 2007

Oh my God.

You're absolutely right, H61R.

See, I lose my faith in humanity again every single time I regain it.

Re: The top songs from 2007

And remember, I'm the guy who forced himself to Become Way Dumb in order to be able to put up with MTV in the mornings.

I'm at a stage where I can even listen to Avril Lavigne and survive.

But Soulja Boy, acclaimed? It's the beginning of the end, I'm tellin' ya. Mayans probably had it right with 2012. Still hoping I can see why Nicolas is raving about 2074, though.

Re: The top songs from 2007

It's 55th, and the last years the last ranked song was 35-45ish, so with some luck it'll just be bubbling under.

Re: The top songs from 2007

If I can live with Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" being #1802, then maybe I'll get through this in one piece as well.

Re: The top songs from 2007

55th. Mine says 51st.

Re: The top songs from 2007

Oh yeah, my bad.

Re: The top songs from 2007

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