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Re: AM Survivor: Week 16


Then I could joke with older people like nicolas as an equal
You're excluding yourself in saying that. I don't consider myself as superior to you. we're all equal here.

(even if you're a little insolent sometimes about my English Man, I'm excellent in English for a French man. that's all my friends say. I could be an English teache here )
And it's frustrating to always watch what you say. English and american people are used to people mispelling words or not placing them in the right order.

Re: AM Survivor: Week 16

That's true, we're very understanding. Probably because if this forum were in another language, we'd be much more egregious offenders of it than any one here from France, Spain, Sweden, etc. is of English.

If this forum were in Spanish I'd stand a fighting chance, but would probably still commit such horrendous crimes against the language that I'd be denied entrance into any Spanish-speaking nation.

Plus, most of you are better at English than about half of the English-speaking people I see make entries on various forums. The Internet is great, but it really has contributed to awful use of the language in forums and blogs.

Let me finish by saying that I've always been very impressed by the various people on this site for whom English is a second language. You all articulate yourselves very well. As I said before, you do a lot better job than most of us English and Americans would if we tried in another language.

Re: AM Survivor: Week 16

It's ok, Paul. I have met a few other people as old as you in my life.

Re: AM Survivor: Week 16

Nicolas, I was joking. That's exactly the point. French people suck at English.

Re: AM Survivor: Week 16

I knew you were joking, Sinder, and your joke just made me laugh...
Yes it's true, French people are bad at speaking English. It's a political problem in fact. For decades whe were ruled by people who still believed that French culture and French language had some sort of diplomatic influence, and that English was some sort of challenger...
Lots of French politicians are absolutely hopeless when it comes to speaking English, even our own members of the European Parliament. Some of them had to receive English lessons ! That's a shame !
Happily things are changing especially now we have a president who loves America (the problem is that he even loves Bush)
They realized English has to be taught sooner and better at school (my generation started to learn English at 11, which is way too late, and with teachers that were complete nuts).
but it's a waste anyway, especially for the current generations.
we're fucking roosters sometimes, too proud (but thank God we like self-mockery too)

Re: AM Survivor: Week 16

This fake oily jazz, upstart and petty bourgeois, administered by the worst studio musicians of the late seventies and used for supermarkets, hotel lobbies and oversized elevators of the PLM St Jacques [a big Parisian hotel built in the 70’s], this provincial thing for the very uneducated who probably never heard a single note from “The Individualism Of Gil Evans” or “Red Clay”.

It's kind of funny, but things like this are less funny when there isn't really basis in fact. Steely Dan used a ton of the absolutely most respected musicians out there, and if the critic wants to bring up jazz, then how about the fact Wayne Shorter plays on Aja?

I mean, you can make the argument that jazz or chops have no place in rock & roll, but can't turn around and lambaste a band that uses these things by comparing the band to jazz greats. Stupid argument; I'd rather just hear why he hates the music on a personal level.

Re: AM Survivor: Week 16

Nicolas, you're why I love the French. You put the burden on yourself and think it's embarrassing if you can't speak English. Here in the States, not enough people are concerned with at least being bilingual, let alone to the point where they can converse respectably with people who speak another language. I wish foreign language was compulsory from such a young age here like it is in other countries.

Honestly, almost everyone in this forum has better English than most people in Mississippi.

Re: AM Survivor: Week 16

1) sonofsamian

You're not wrong. This kind of criticism is quite easy, but this article has to be placed in its context.
This guy Ungemuth makes great and very serious articles when he wants (i.e. the O&O one I translated). He also wrote an awesome article about Them (saying how much he prefered Them to Van's solo career)in the same issue.
But in this column (about re-issued records), he always writes short articles, in a funny way, without much analysis that's true, but that's the style of these pages (I'm tired and my English is even worse now).
He is a provocative guy sometimes. He also wrote an article called "the 40 worst rock bands", not only chosing easy targets (Supertramp, manowar, sha Na Na) but mentioning Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam, U2, Queen, Police, Daft Punk ! With hilarious comments and photos. I never could read that article, heard it was really funny, and given the ruckus on forums (especially metal forums, because he included Judas Priest, Van Halen on his list), he had to change his e-mail address, because a lot of people took that very seriously !
Rock n roll is about fun and provocation, and that's why I like this kind of articles (especially when I know that the guy is able of doing his job properly and seriously in other articles)

2) Slush, thank you ! So, in Mississippi they can't speak English but we owe them a lot ( Robert Johnson, Jimmie Rodgers, Muddy Waters, BB King and 75 % of the great bluesmen, Ike Turner,Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, Albert King, Cassandra Wilson, and... Britney Spears

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