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a torture playlist


Re: a torture playlist

can this be the thread for, shall we say, curiosities? or sort of a blog thread? i've just been digging through my bookmarks archive and found a few interesting things, so i thought i'd share.

don't know if the website www.listverse.com has been mentioned here before but there's tons of neat stuff there, including this list of "10 Incredible Recordings"


highlights, imo, are Florence Foster Jenkins and Number Stations

I also found this interesting article by Peter Guralnick originally printed in the NY Times called "How Did Elvis Get Turned Into a Racist?"


Re: a torture playlist

Great stuff Greg !
I just had a look at the torture list, and I'll read these other articles. But a Guralnick paper on Elvis can't be bad !
Please go on feeding us, even if you don't get many reactions.

Re: a torture playlist

I thought this thread title meant the playlist designed to most torture you. I was ready to go off on CVS's radio station again.

(Gah. If you must play Big Yellow Taxi fifteen thousand times, play the Joni Mitchell version, not that hacky butchered moderny version!)

Re: a torture playlist

Listverse is such a great site.

Re: a torture playlist

I have a CD of Florence Foster Jenkins' recordings - marvellous stuff