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This is why musical criticism is BS. Not a Beatles' song in the Top 10? A horrible band (Nirvana) ripping off another horrible band (Boston) IS in the Top 10?

Re: Seriously?


Re: Seriously?

Not a Beatles' song in the top 10 is easily explainable : there is no Beatles signature song
They have so many excellent songs that the votes are spread.
You have to keep in mind that this list is a compilation, it is not a list made by a single critic.
It is the result of a mathematical calculation.
Go to the individual lists and I bet almost each one of them has at least 1 Beatles' song in the top 10.
You will also notice that it's not always the same song.

about Nirvana, your objection is purely subjective.

don't expect this list to be anything else than it is : a compromise.

Re: Seriously?

Yeah, "musical [sic] criticism is BS" because you:

1. selectively ignore the fact that there are two Beatles ALBUMS in the top 10 (and 3 in the top 15), and that the Beatles are--by a long shot--the highest-rated artist on this site.

2. don't like Nirvana.

Nobody is required to take the lists Henrik has painstakingly compiled as holy writ. It's not heresy to disagree with the lists (everybody does); they're just fun tools for thinking and talking about music. If they happen not to conform to your opinion, the appropriate response is to share and defend your opinion, not to dismiss the lists out of hand.

Rant ends.

Re: Seriously?

musical [sic] criticism


Re: Seriously?

I didn't get the joke
Language thing ?

Re: Seriously?

What's wrong with Boston?

Re: Seriously?

Language thing.

"Music criticism" is what music critics do.

"Musical criticism" would be (I guess) either: a) criticism specifically of American musicals like Oklahoma and Show Boat, or, b) criticism set to music.

It was a petty bit of sarcasm that would only be made by a pedant like me, especially online. I must have woken up cranky today.

Re: Seriously?

Heh, scheluse - your "cranky" is like me having a good day!

(Makes we wonder what your "really pissed off" is like....?)

Re: Seriously?

i found it funny. *thumbs up* to schleuse

Re: Seriously?

Haha, I love Boston. Their debut album would be my number 2 album and More Than a Feeling would be my number 1 song if I had contributed to the polls. There really isn't too much creativity in their music, but I love it nonetheless.