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Radiohead Concerts

Living in Ottawa most bands skip us unless there coming to the great BluesFest and go to Montreal and Toronto (R.E.M. ) instead. Being 14 I can't exactly drive around constantly but Montreal is close enough and I'm just wondering what the ticket price was for Radiohead tickets for you guys/girls who have seen them?

Re: Radiohead Concerts

I've got tix to see them in London this summer, and they set me back £40 each (don't know the conversion, sorry). It's a lot, and for pretty much anyone else, it would put me off. But not Radiohead.

Re: Radiohead Concerts

That's almost $80.. wow, that's a lot of money.

Re: Radiohead Concerts

XE.com; 40.00 GBP = 78.5762 CAD

Well I did see Bruce Springsteen top tickets were 115$