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For Us R.E.M. Fans

Go to the top right of http://remhq.com/index.php

Newest single by R.E.M. called Supernatural Superserious off of Accelerate, its pretty good.

Re: For Us R.E.M. Fans

Not bad.

For about 20 years now, a lot of folks have been pining for R.E.M.'s good old days...whether you define that as Chronic Town, Murmur (hi, Loophole!), Document, Automatic, or even New Adventures. But on this song, at least, they've leapfrogged over all that stuff and gone all the way back to 1980--this sounds like nothing so much as the stuff they wrote even before "Radio Free Europe."

Re: For Us R.E.M. Fans

Interesting. On first listen it sounds like early REM music with slightly later-era vocals (i.e., clearer). But the instrumentation/style is really retro. I still miss the old Stipe style from (Murmur/Reckoning): REM on Letterman

Re: For Us R.E.M. Fans

Scores for Accelerate from 17 reviews so far

4.5/5 : Spin, Sun (UK)
4/5 : Mojo, Q, NME (8/10), Rolling Stone, Daily Mirror (UK), Guardian (UK), Daily Express (UK), Contact Music.com (8/10), Scotsman, Irish Independent
3.5/5 : Globe and Mail (Canada)
3/5 : UNCUT, Times (UK), The Knowledge (Times UK Sat. culture supplement, separate review from Frid.)
2/5 : Independent (UK)

Average = 3.74/5, 7.47/10, 75/100

So much better than Around The Sun (Metacritic score = 56/100 from 27 reviews) & on a par with Reveal (Metacritic score = 76/100 from 20 reviews)