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Great deals at Amazon

I promise I don't work for Amazon! But I just ordered some new CDs and wanted to let everyone know they have some great deals on some of the most highly acclaimed albums of 06 and 07. Sound of Silver, In Rainbows, and Boxer are all $9 or less. I also picked up Laughing Stock by Talk Talk for $7.97. Boys and Girls in America and the new Band of Horses album were both $8 when I put them on my wish list but they must've recently raised the price.

Re: Great deals at Amazon

Wow these deals sound amazing. I will definitely go to amazon in the future for my music needs. You can't go wrong with prices that low!

Re: Great deals at Amazon

That's funny because I post here frequently and really was trying to let everyone know about some good deals. I've also touted Rate Your Music before too. I know I always like to pick the albums that other posters talk about on the forum, so I thought some other people might like to pick up those albums on the cheap.

Re: Great deals at Amazon

Nobody takes recommendations seriously anymore on forums....but, I don't think Amazon is hard up for customers and needs to hit up this forum. Plus ChrisF posts pretty frequently...who are you ChrisG?