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Do you know this site ?

I came on a site dedicated to rock lists, http://www.rocklistmusic.co.uk/steveparker/index.htm

It looks interesting

Do you know it ?
I'm afraid I haven't got the time to explore it, but I saw lists that are not on the critics' lists

I almost decided to forget about it, because it's poisoned gift : a time consuming thing for you Henrik if you don't know this site already
Sorry I couldn't go through all AM to see if this site is mentioned

Re: Do you know this site ?

This one's hilarious:

Three Lashes with a Wet Noodle: The Wimp-Rock Top 40

Ranking on this list..., has to do with degree of wimpiness balanced by the degree to which such insufferables have been in our ears (and faces) of late.

1. Bolton, Michael
2. Wilson Philips
3. Osmonds
4. Air Supply
5. Shore, Pauly
6. Kansas
7. Seals & Crofts
8. Suede*
9. Duran Duran
10. Freddie & the Dreamers
11. Cowsills
12. Garfunkel, Art
13. 10,000 Maniacs
14. It’s a Beautiful Day
15. Marx, Richard
16. Moody Blues
17. Tesla
18. Morrissey*
19. Kramer, Billy J & the Dakotas
20. Hot Tuna
21. Richman, Jonathan & the Modern Lovers*
22. Chordettes
23. Spin Doctors
24. Cyrus, Billy Ray
25. Fresh Prince
26. Extreme
27. Bon Jovi
28. Mr. Big
29. Loggins & Messina
30. Duprees
31. Donovan*
32. Grant, Amy
33. Larsen, Nicolette
34. Sade
35. Denver, John
36. Costello, Elvis
37. Royal Guardsmen
38. Association
39. Crosby, Stills & Nash
40. Grateful Dead