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album/songs polls

The forum polls this are terrific, although they demand a lot of time.
I think that a poll every other year is a good solution.
So why not doing the next album poll in 2009 and the next song poll in 2010, and alternate
Well, I admit it is a bit science-fictionnal, but alternating song polls and album polls would be good I guess

Re: album/songs polls

I'm with you, nicolas, although alternating on an annual basis seems very wide spread to me. I mean, we're not talking about alternating the summer and winter games here ... How about alternating every half year?

For example, the following schedule could repeat itself every year:
Winter season (December - January): EOY Pazz & Jop poll
Spring season (March - May): All-time albums poll
Fall season (September - November): All-time songs poll
Throughout the year (February - December): Albums & Songs poll of the x0's (80's, 70's, etc.)

Future games, similar to Bracketology or Survivor will be scheduled as done before (a couple of posts until consensus is reached).