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I recently decided to train for a marathon, and that is all thanks to Schleuse, so I'd like to thank him for giving me such a healthy idea. Training for long distance running is much better than what I usually do, like compiling lists of geography, sports and music.

I'm not Europe's, or even Norway's best trained person, but not the worst either. However, I've never run more than 10 km, and that's a couple of years ago, so I've got some work to do. Actually, now I'm dripping of sweat from a harder-than-I-though-it-would-be aerobics lesson. I probably won't run any marathons until next year.

At the same time I'm announcing this, I would like to ask as many as possible of you to join me in this damn near impossible task. We could be the healthiest music forum in the world. Anyone up for a marathon?

Again, thanks to Schleuse for inspiring me, and hopefully someone else too :)

Re: Marathon

Why not ?
I'm not a runner, never run more than 30 mn every other month, but I should train to run more

Re: Marathon

I started running on the 31st of october last year (the day I quit smoking). I ran a 10Km road race a couple of weeks ago in 39min 40'. Thats not even quarter of a marathon and it nearly killed me, so I have serious respect for anyone who manages to run a full marathon.

Re: Marathon

But that's not a bad time. You haven't been training for long.

Re: Marathon

Good for you, Rune--and if you can manage 10k, you should be able to handle a marathon. My advice is to find a good training program, and, if possible, a friend or group to run with.

Good luck, have fun, and let us know how you're doing!

Re: Marathon

I've started my training schedule, and it's going very well.

I'll be training 4 times a week in the beginning, and later 5 times. In addition, I'll be playing a floorball match every now and then, so I'll be moving a lot.

Today I had a rest day, but I just wanted to go out for a run. Can't wait for tomorrow to come.

I'm thinking about running the Florence Marathon 30th of November, if I'm fit by then. If not, I'll go for the London Marathon in April.

Re: Marathon

Just an update on my training, for those who care.

Being in not so great shape, and maybe a bit heavy for a marathon runner, wasn't great. I was very motivated, and I still am, but sadly I picked up an injury in my left leg, and I had to take it a bit slower.

I have moved my focus from Florence Marathon in November, to London Marathon in April. I need that extra time.

So, anyone else up for a challenge? Schleuse, are you planning on running another one?

Re: Marathon

Is your leg fine now?

Re: Marathon

It's better, but if I run four or five times a week, as I did when I started the program, it'll hurt again. I should try to lose some weight before starting for real again, as I am close to 100 kilos. I'm tall, so it isn't as bad as it sounds. Should be around 90, I guess.

Re: Marathon

When is it going to heal fully?

Re: Marathon

I don't know. Hopefully soon.

Re: Marathon

Impact socks, they're great

Re: Marathon

Sorry to hear about your leg, Rune...I broke my arm a month before a marathon I was training for a few years ago. Here's a sign of obsession:

ME: So, um, doc, do you think I could run 26 miles with my arm in a sling?

DOCTOR: (long pause) No.

I'm not sure when my next one will be; I'll definitely run the Houston Marathon in January '09, and I've entered the lottery for the New York City Marathon this year, which is some time around Halloween...but I'm not guaranteed a spot for that one. The London Marathon is definitely one that's on my list of must-do's.