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The Freewheeling Yo La Tengo

I saw Yo La Tengo last night in Charlotte, NC. The show was a relaxed affair with Ira Kaplan playing the acoustic guitar and all three members sitting. Inbetween songs, the band would answer questions from the audience, thus the "freewheeling." Anyway, I asked what their favorite ablum of 2007 was. Ira said that he didn't really keep up with new music that much but really liked the new Radiohead. Georgia didn't have an answer, and James McNew said his favorite ablum was Cornelius' Sensuous.

Re: The Freewheeling Yo La Tengo

GREAT band. I saw them once where they played with Neil Innes(Bonzo Dog/Rutles), Sonic Boom(Spacemen 3) and Robyn Hitchcock(Soft Boys etc).
Their albums are always great, but I particularly like the tripple whammy of 'Painful', 'Electropura' and 'I can hear the heart beating as one'.