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No "In Rainbows" ???

Could it be that "In Rainbows" was not ranked in the top 25 albums of 2007 in the album poll (???) or will it be considered a 2008 release.

Re: No "In Rainbows" ???


Put it below LCD Soundsystem.

2. Radiohead - In Rainbows (241.72)

Ok, I'm over my cold. That one was inexcusable.

Re: No "In Rainbows" ???

I can't believe there were at least 25 albums released in 2007 on lists!

Re: No "In Rainbows" ???

Anthony's 2008 AM Album Poll errors:

1. Moondance is 1970, not 1974
2. It's BEGGARS Banquet, not Beggar's
3. Rocky Raccoon (mixup under "fans")
4. Stammer (mixup under "fans")
5. jonmarck's updated albums list
6. Radiohead - In Rainbows blunder

Any others that I'm forgetting?

Rest assured, none of these had any effect whatsoever on the final results.

Re: No "In Rainbows" ???

Haha, I was wondering where it had ended up as well, but was happily surprised not to see it too high and then quite happy not to see it at all. Oh well, could have expected that!