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Muzik 50 Most Influential Records of All Times

I am a fan of modern dance music and alternative rock. Wonder what you think of this list.

The 50 Most Influential Records of All Times

Under the Influence - How This List Was Made
Muzik wanted to define the records that had shaped the music we love today. The music that made Basement Jaxx, The Chemical Brothers, Roni Size and System F all possible. Not necessarily the best records ever, although they were hardly going to be stinkers, but the ones which pushed forward a genre, or fused styles to create a new hybrid. The qualities we were looking for were:

Effect on today’s music - Originality
Fusing of existing genres to create new musical styles Music that changed the club scene as well as the sound.

Chosen and written by Ben Turner, Frank Tope, Rob da Bank, Calvin Bush, Dorian Lynskey, Tom Mugridge and Michael Bonner The most important music of the 20th Century. The records which have shaped the music we hear today, from trance to trip hop, from big beat to Basement Jaxx. Everything starts with these...

The Beatles “Tomorrow Never Knows” (EMI 1966)(Revolver L.P.)
James Brown “Funky Drummer” (King 1969)(7”)
Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On” (Motown 1970)(L.P.)
Incredible Bongo Band “Apache” (MGM 1973)(Bongo Rock L.P.)
Augustus Pablo “King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown” (Island 1976)(7”)
Double Exposure “Ten Per Cent” (Salsoul 1976)(12”)
Donna Summer “I Feel Love” (Casablanca 1977)(12”)
Kraftwerk “Trans Europe Express” (EMI 1977)(King Klang L.P.)
Grandmaster Flash “Adventure On the Wheels of Steel” (Sugarhill 1981)(12”)
Afrika Bambaataa “Planet Rock” (Tommy Boy 1982)(12”)

Re: Muzik 50 Most Influential Records of All Times

Well, I was recently argued with someone on listology about Tomorrow Never Knows influence on modern music. I am glad someone posted this because it's the musicians who know, not some talking head who does not what there talking about. I think this song and Rain are two of the most innovative tracks by the Beatles.