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I work in radio and my work decided to get rid of some turntables and gave me a Technics SL-1200MKII! I broke my turntable in a move a few years ago so I haven't been able to listen to my LP collection for years. Plus, I never had a nice turntable so this is like listening to my favorite music for the first time. LP's FTW! Although I still have no problem with Mp3s and my Ipod.

Re: LP's


What did you listen to first?

Re: LP's

I remember selling my fathers old LP collection and player on a flea market, which at the time seemed like a great idea because they sold incredibly fast. He had some great records in the collection. He hardly ever listened to them though, and I couldn't care less at that age (I was around 10). We both regret doing that a lot now. First of all we could have gotten a lot more money, but the real regret is selling them at all. They were sort of priceless, definitely for him, but as I realize now, for me as well. Damn shame.

Congratulations on acquiring such a marvelous turntable, and be sure to enjoy it! Sometimes I think the quality of a good LP player surpasses that of even the most advanced audio equipment of today. It definitely has a sort of special feel about it anyway.

Re: LP's

First three records:

Moody Blues- Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
REM- Reckoning
Gang of Four- Entertainment!

Listening to Rubber Soul...in mono right now.

Re: LP's

I got a new LP player for Christmas, and I've been playing records non stop since.

First I played on it was Phil Ochs - I ain't marching anymore, then I think I went on to Leonard Cohen - Songs of Leonard Cohen. My parents are visiting me this weekend, and they've brought with them all my old albums, including Jackie Mittoo in London, Jimmy McGriff - I've got a Woman and last but not least The Simpsons Sing the Blues.

Re: LP's

One of the things I've never regretted was hanging on to my LP's for dear life. For a long time I thought the less popular stuff would never be reissued on CD, and man was I wrong, but still it's nice to have the old black things around.