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EOY list GO-MAG (spain)


01. Burial "Untrue"
02. Arcade Fire "Neon Bible"
03. Stars Of The Lid "And their refinement of the decline"
04. Vic Chesnutt "North Star deserter"
05. Animal Collective "Strawberry jam"
06. Low "Drums and guns"
07. PJ Harvey "White chalk"
08. Beirut "The Flying Club Cup"
09. Jesu "Conqueror"
10. Panda Bear "Person pitch"
11. Battles "Mirrored"
12. NYGz "Welcome 2 G-Dom"
13. Radiohead "In rainbows"
14. Band Of Horses "Cease to begin"
15. Common "Finding forever"
16. Amy Winehouse "Back to black"
17. The New Pornographers "Challengers"
18. Ben Frost "Theory of machines"
19. Of Montreal "Hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?"
20. Vector Lovers "Afterglow"


01. Madee "L’'Antarctica"
02. Astrud "Tú no existes"
03. Lisazo "Ezlekuak"
04. Arbol "You travelled my heart inside out"
05. Fibla "Liants"
06. Nisei "Continents"
07. Aroah "El día después"
08. Grande-Marlaska "El momento de hacer"
09. Los Carradine "Sospechoso tren de vida"
10. Love Of Lesbian "Cuentos chinos para niños del Japón"
11. Eedl "Everse"
12. Refree "Els invertebrats"
13. Mala Rodríguez "Malamarismo"
14. Triángulo de Amor Bizarro "Triángulo de Amor BizarrO"
15. Los Planetas "La leyenda del espacio"
16. El Guincho "Alegranza"
17. It’s Not Not "Bound for the shine"
18. Evripidis And His Tragedies "Evripidis And His Tragedies"
19. Hidrogenesse "Aminalitos"
20. Chacho Brodas "Los impresentables Chacho Brodas"