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Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.

I seem to have a history of ending threads, so I'm gonna' attempt to start one for the first time.
Therefore, I'm going to play it completely safe and wish you all a very happy new year, wherever in the world you may be. It's beeen a pleasure chatting to you all this year.
Incidentally, my new years resolution for 2008 is to stop banging on about Pavement on the AM Forum-on paper this should be easier to quit than drinking or smoking, but we'll have to see...

Re: Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.

Happy New Year to you too EdAmes, and to everyone else who contributes regularly to this forum and makes it the informative, addicting, fascinating and fun site that it is.

Just a quick thanks to:

- Henrik: for the great site; without it, we wouldn't have this forum. And for the '90s poll, which was a lot of fun.
- schleuse: for Bracketology, BNIT and Survivor (well thought-out games of which I've contributed to all, and tried not to say anything dumb in the process), a vocabulary that often makes me reach for the dictionary, one absolutely hilarious parody on label-sponsored forum spam, and an important note reminding all of us to "recognize a distinction between your personal taste and your critical awareness.”
- jonmarck: for never backing down from a good debate, whether it be about Madonna, Elvis, Britney, the Beatles, the Tragically Hip (lol) and admirably, never saying anything hurtful or antagonistic while engaged in one. (And also for being the only other regularily contributing Canadian!)
- Harold Wexler: for posts that read like they're straight out of the best music critic magazine out there (if indeed there is one), and for Bracketology comments that never failed to impress.
- nicolas: for a knowledge of pre album-era music that seems to know no bounds (and a great idea in the form of a demographic thread.)
- Midaso: for changing your opinion about Oasis' "Live Forever". You saw the light!
- Schwah, Honorio, EdAmes, Dr.Dre, Rendle, Jonah, Loophole - sorry to lump you guys all together, but my thanks to all of you is for writing something at one point or another where you've either 1.) blown me away with your musical knowledge, 2.) expressed a well written opinion that has made me re-evaluate my own musical preferences, 3.) written a nice little nostalgic piece that captures the essence of love for music, or 4.) made me laugh out loud (and thereby prompted my co-workers to question my sanity - eg. "plow a lonely furrow", "all the pleasure of a sandpaper loofah.", just to list a few.)
- Moonbeam: for a hatred of the Beatles that I still can't comprehend, but for which has made me a more tolerant person (and sorry again for anything hurtful I've written over the past seven months)
- Neoptolemos: for an infectious enthusiasm that you bring to every forum idea (polls, lists, etc.)
- twister: for the occasional "holy sh!t, I can't believe he said that!" moment - always surprising, but also refreshing.

Sorry if I've missed anyone - exclusion does not mean you're not appreciated.

Anyways, again, happy New Year guys. Hopefully everyone is as excited as I am about the unveiling of the album poll results (which will occur at some point in the upcoming week), and I'm looking forward to all the other tomfoolery and shenanigans that will transpire on this forum in 2008 - song polls, lists, debates, discussions, criticisms, etc. It's going to be fun.

Re: Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.

Thanks Anthony for the kind words.

And so the greatest year in music history ends. Never before have I discovered so much great music in 1 year. Hell, I can't even remember which artists I discovered. Also the year I found AM, which has been an epiphany of sorts. To find a few people as music-crazed as I am, absolutely fantastic. For that, I'd like to thank all of you. Thanks!

I wish you all a great 2008 with lots of ranking and listing, and most of all, another year of great music.

Re: Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.

Thank you Anthony
Happy nex year to every one here
Neo, I'm happy for you that 2007's been the year of the musical awakening, when suddenly you discover the goldmine. For me it was 1988 and a special issue of "Liberation"...
I'm very happy to have found AM and (virtually) met you all.

Re: Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.

Happy new year to all AM posters. Many thanks Anthony. Hope that 2008 brings to us all less fanaticism (sad to see that the objects of such fanaticism are bands that I really love as Beatles or Steely Dan).

Re: Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.

Thanks for the props, Anthony. You've figured out my secret: I post to this forum with the Oxford English Dictionary in one hand and my Nuggets boxed set in the other...

My (music-related) resolution for '08 is to finish my playlist of AM's top 3000 songs (I download or otherwise acquire about 20 per week, and my Christmas present to myself was completing the top 1000).

Happy New Year, everybody. See you on the other side.

Re: Happy New Year, brothers and sisters.

you're warming my heart-cockles.