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Mondo Sonoro Best of 2007

Published 26 December 2007. You can find it here

International albums:
1. ARCADE FIRE “Neon Bible”
2. M.I.A. “Kala”
3. KLAXONS “Myths of the Near Future”
4. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM “Sound of Silver”
5. JUSTICE “†”
6. !!! “Myth Takes”
7. AKRON/FAMILY “Love Is Simple”
8. THE SHINS “Wincing the Night Away”
9. THE RUMBLE STRIP “Girls and Weather”
10. MODEST MOUSE “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank”
11. JENS LEKMAN “Night Falls Over Kortedala”
12. VIC CHESNUTT “North Star Deserter”
13. DIGITALISM “Idealism”
14. THE GO! TEAM “Proof of Youth”
15. ARCTIC MONKEYS “Favourite Worst Nightmare”
16. BATTLES “Mirrored”
17. TWO GALLANTS “Two Gallants”
18. RICHARD HAWLEY “Lady’s Bridge”
19. BRIGHT EYES “Cassadaga”
21. PJ HARVEY “White Chalk”
22. WILCO “Sky Blue Sky”
23. THE NATIONAL “Boxer”
24. QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE “Era Vulgaris”
25. AMY WINEHOUSE “Back to Black”
26. OKKERVIL RIVER “The Stage Names”
27. DEVENDRA BANHART “Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon”
28. RUFUS WAINWRIGHT “Release the Stars”
29. BLOC PARTY “A Weekend in the City”
30. KANYE WEST “Graduation”
31. HIGH ON FIRE “Death Is This Communion”
32. RADIOHEAD “In Rainbows”
33. 1990s “Cookies”
34. AGAINST ME! “New Wave”
35. BEIRUT “The Flying Club Cup”
36. BURIAL “Untrue”
37. SPOON “Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga”
38. BAND OF HORSES “Cease to Begin”
39. PANDA BEAR “Person Pitch”
40. THE MARY ONETTES “The Mary Onettes”

And the Spanish albums:
1. LOVE OF LESBIAN “Cuentos chinos para niños del Japón”
2. TRIÁNGULO DE AMOR BIZARRO “Triángulo de amor bizarro”
3. FACTO DELAFÉ Y LAS FLORES AZULES “La luz de la mañana”
4. LOS PLANETAS “La leyenda del espacio”
5. HIDROGENESSE “Animalitos”
6. MALA RODRÍGUEZ “Malamarismo”
7. MANOS DE TOPO “Ortopedias bonitas”
8. EL GUINCHO “Alegranza”
10. ASTRUD “Tú no existes”
11. NOTHINK “Spotlights”
12. NISEI “Continents”
13. MADEE “L'Antarctica”
14. SIDONIE “Costa azul”
15. DELUXE “Fin de un viaje infinito”
16. LAGARTIJA NICK “El shock de Leia”
17. LA CASA AZUL “La revolución sexual”
18. JET LAG “Forever”
19. LA HABITACIÓN ROJA “Cuando ya no quede nada”
20. SFDK “Los veteranos”
21. GRANDE-MARLASKA “El momento de hacer”
22. THE SUNDAY DRIVERS “Tiny Telephone”
23. LISABÖ “Ezlekuak”
24. QUIQUE GONZÁLEZ “Avería y redención”
25. FIBLA “Liants”
26. SOUVENIR “64”
27. REMATE “No Land Recordings”
28. HUMBERT HUMBERT “Snake Park”
29. IT'S NOT NOT “Bound for the Shine”
30. CHACHO BRODAS “Los impresentables Chacho Brodas”
31. HEDTRIP “Roma”
32. TARIK Y LA FÁBRICA DE COLORES “El hueso y la carne”
33. WARCHETYPE “Goat Goddess Supremacy”
34. BANDINI “The Sunny Album”
36. XHELAZZ “El soñador elegido”
37. REFREE “Els invertebrats”
38. ESTRATEGIA LO CAPTO “Gran bola de nieve”
39. AUDIENCE “Trying Wings on Roots”
40. PRIN' LA LÁ “Esto es Prin' La Lá”

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