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Rythm mag : 50 greatest drum albums

From the latest issue of the UK's best selling drum magazine, voted for by a rythm panel of about 190 legendary sticksmeisters

50. The Who - Live At Leeds
49. Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds Of Fire
48. James Brown - Live At The Apollo
47. Iron Maiden - The Number Of The Beast
46. Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters
45. David Bowie - The Rise & Fall Of Ziggy Sartdust...
44. Pantera - Vulgar Display Of Power
43. Van Halen - Van Halen
42. Radiohead - OK Computer
41. Tool - Aenima
40. Metallica - ...& Justice For All
39. Jimi Hendrix - Axis : Bold As Love
38. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
37. Mastodon - Leviathan
36. Jeff Buckley - Grace
35. The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's...
34. Buddy Rich Big Band - Big Swing Face
33. Pantera - Far Beyond
32. Chick Corea - Now He Sings Now He Sobs
31. The Police - Ghost In The Machine
30. Sting - Ten Summoners Tales
29. Sly & The Family Stone - Fresh
28. Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
27. Metallica - Master Of Puppets
26. Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inner Mounting
25. Frank Zappa - Joe's Garage
24. Buddy Rich - Swingin' New Big Band
23. Billy Cobham - Spectrum
22. The Police - Outlandos D'Amour
21. Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Live
20. Slayer - Reign In Blood
19. Soundgarden - Superunknown
18. Miles Davies - Four & More
17. Deep Purple - Made In Japan
16. Stevie Wonder - Innervisions
15. AC/DC - Back In Black
14. Led Zeppelin - I
13. Rush - Moving Pictures
12. The Beatles - Revolver
11. The Police - Regatta De Blanc
10. Jimmi Hendrix - Are You Experienced
9. John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
8. Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf
7. Steely Dan - Aja
6. Led Zeppelin - II
5. Miles Davis - Nefertiti
4. Nirvana - Nevermind
3. Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
2. The Beatles - Abbey Road
1. Led Zeppelin - IV

Also, the 10 bubblers
Jeff Beck - Wired
The Clash - London Calling
Deftones - Around The Fur
Guns N' Roses - Appetite For Destruction
Elton John - Goodbye Yello Brick Road
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Red Hit Chili Peppers - Bloodsugarsexmagic
The Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks
The Sone Roses - The Stone Roses

10 future faves
Arctic Monkeys - Wahtever People Say I am, That's What i'm not
Avenged Sevenfold - City Of Evil
Dennis Chambers - Outbreak
Kings Of Leon - Because Of The Times
Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission
Muse - Black Holes and Revelations
Polar Bear - Held on the tips of fingers
Porcupine Tree - Fear of a blank planet
The Killers - Hot Fuss
The Roots - Phrenology

10 most nominated (no. of albums)
Miles Davis : 14
Led Zeppelin : 11
Buddy Rich : 11
John Coltrane : 8
Chick Corea : 8
The Beatles : 7
Rush : 7
Queen : 6
David Bowie : 6
The Who : 6

10 most voted
Led Zeppelin : 62
Miles Davis : 31
The Beatles : 26
The Police : 24
Buddy Rich : 19
Jimi Hendrix : 18
Rush : 15
John Coltrane : 14
Mahavishnu Orchestra : 13
Stevie Wonder : 12

Re: Rythm mag : 50 greatest drum albums

The Who Sings My Generation is not on this list. Crappy list IMO.

Re: Rythm mag : 50 greatest drum albums

As a (modest) drummer, my favourite album is Songs for the Deaf. Dave Grohl is impressive during the intro of a Song for the Dead or the solo of No One Knows.

Re: Rythm mag : 50 greatest drum albums

That is a laughable list. Two Police albums, and not one of them is "Zenyatta Mondatta"??? That is by FAR Stewart's best moment in time. "Driven to Tears" alone is reason enough to have that album in the top 5.

Re: Rythm mag : 50 greatest drum albums

Heh, check that...3(!) Police albums and not one of them is Zenyatta...wow.

Re: Rythm mag : 50 greatest drum albums

Interesting list (if only for the subject), although, as everyone could expect, it features basically hard rock and jazz albums. But some surprises:
- 3 Beatles albums!! I mean, these are great albums but surely not for the drumming. I respect Ringo Starr and think (well, in fact I though till I read this list) that he’s an underrated drummer but surely one album was enough. Agree with “Abbey Road” as the best choice (but not for the simple drum solo in “The End” but for the original drum arrangement in “Come Together” for instance).
- No prog-rock! No Yes, no Genesis, no E,L&P! And, shamely, no Bill Brudford. A best drum albums list without King Crimson’s “Red” or “Lark Tongues in Aspic”??
- Two Stevie Wonder ones!! Surely there’s a lot of merit in Stevie to be such a terrific drummer being a blind man. But the 10th best drummer ever? Really?
- Nice to see Jeff Buckley’s “Grace” (awesome drum work in this one) or Sly Stone’s “Fresh” and, although not in the main list, The Clash “London Calling” (Nicky Topper Headon was a great and versatile drummer) and Arctic Monkeys (great drummer, when I saw them playing live it was easy to see that Arctic Monkeys were a great singer-guitarist-composer – Alex Turner -, a great drummer and two other ones).

Anyway pop bands that avoid the virtuoso and show-off playing got little chances to make a list like this one. Albums that should deserve its appearance in a drumming list with no particular order (in my humble opinion, of course):
- Japan “Tin Drum”: terrific drum work from Steve Jansen, based in a tribal or “ethnic” use of the toms. Just hear “Visions of China”, how many hands got this man?
- David Bowie “Station to Station”: Dennis Davis was the drummer of the American Bowie period and of the Berlin trilogy. No need to say more.
- Sex Pistols “Never Mind the Bollocks”: Paul Cook is an underrated drummer. Surely, they played punk rock, they couldn’t be good musicians.
- John Hiatt “Bring the Family”: no Jim Keltner in a drummer’s list?
- Elvis Costello & The Attractions “This Year’s Model”: who said that pop drummers are no strong and fast enough? Have you listened to “Lipstick Vogue”?
- U2 “War”: Larry Mullen Jr. is one of the best, just listen to the intro to “Sunday Bloody Sunday”.
- Dave Brubeck Quartet “Time Out”: includes the famous drum solo of “Take Five”.
- Sonic Youth “Daydream Nation”: Steve Shelley is an inventive and still powerful drummer.
- The Flaming Lips “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots”: I like a lot the ability of Steven Drozd and that “full” equalization of the bass drum.
- Cream “Disraeli Gears”: and, of course, the first superstar drummer, Ginger Baker.

Re: Rythm mag : 50 greatest drum albums

Really no King Crimson or ELP what a joke. The Beatles album should be With the Beatles that was a great drum album. Other than Lennon vocal work on Money That's What I Want and others, Ringo was the real star on that album. Tracks like Tomorrow Never Knows and Come Together were origial and influential on techno and funk rock but Revolver and Abbey Road on a whole were great bass albums

Getting back to Bill Bruford what a diss really just listen the first album. Carl Palmer was a big influence on drummers like Neil Pert. Really a strange list.

Re: Rythm mag : 50 greatest drum albums

What exactly is a drum album, I wonder? Is it an album that has some drums on it (99% of all rock, pop and soul albums), an album where drums are the most important instrument or one that simply features outstanding drumming? Anybody knows?