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EW's Top 10 Albums

Here's Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Albums of the Year.
10. Lupe Fiasco- Lupe Fiasco's The Cool
9. Bettye LaVerette- The Scene of the Crime
8. Paul McCartney- Memory Almost Full
7. LCD Soundsystem- Sound of Silver
6. MIA- Kala
5. Miranda Lambert- Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
4. Radiohead- In Rainbows
3. Arcade Fire- Neon Bible
2. Amy Winehouse- Back to Black
1. Bruce Springsteen- Magic

Re: EW's Top 10 Albums

More specifically, it is Chris Williman's list. He writes for EW.

Anyway, I am loving all the mentions for Miranda Lambert!!

Re: EW's Top 10 Albums

EW also did the year's top ten singles:

1. Rihanna & Jay-Z, "Umbrella"
2. Amy Winehouse, "You Know I'm No Good"
3. Alicia Keys, "No One"
4. Justin Timberlake, "LoveStoned/I Think That She Knows"
5. Beyonce & Jay-Z, "Upgrade U"
6. Kanye West, "Can't Tell Me Nothin'"
7. Against Me!, "Thrash Unreal"
8. LCD Soundsystem, "Someone Great"
9. The White Stripes, "Icky Thump"
10. Mark Ronson, "Stop Me"