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Plan B magazine end of year list

Hi Henrik, as promised here is the Plan B list. This is a UK magazine run by amongst others Everett True who I remember writing for Melody Maker in the 1990s.

I like it as it mirrors a lot of what a like, shown on MTV's 120 minutes...any way. No obvious order here are the albums in Artist - Album order:

Prinzhorn Dance School - Prinzhorn Dance School
Good Shoes - Think Before You Speak
MIA - Kala
Future of The Left - Curses
No Age - Weirdo Rippers
Various - Antifolk: Up The Anti
Marnie Stern - In Advance of the Broken Arm
Getachew Mekuria and the Ex and Guests
Bjork - Volta
Panda Bear - Person Pitch
Grinderman - Grinderman
Ricardo Villalobos - Fabric 36
Tap Tap - Lanzafame
PJ Harvey - White Chalk
Wiley - Playtime is Over
Justice - +
Herman Dune - Giant
LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver
High on Fire - Death is This Communion
Dirty Projectors - Rise Above

I realise there is a 'various' in there which you don't include is that right?

Take Care
Martin B

Re: Plan B magazine end of year list

Thanks Martin, for this list and 'The Word'!

Various artists releases are included at AM if they consist of previously unreleased material.