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Seven Ages of Rock

Has anyone seen this BBC/VH1 Classic co-production? I think it already played in Britain, and started last night on VH1 Classsic in the US. Is it any good/worth watching? To my mind the 1995 PBS series was as good a multi-episode documentary on rock as I had seen, and am curious how this stacks up.

Re: Seven Ages of Rock

It's nowhere near as good as Dancing In The Streets. It's watchable but don't expect great things.

Re: Seven Ages of Rock

Yeah, it certainly wasn't a patch on Dancing In The Streets. It was fairly entertaining, but the whole thing seemed muddled, as though they'd thought of the title first and then worked backwards in an attempt to give the 'seven ages' notion some creedence.
Anyone not from the UK is likely to share my annoyance that the episode on Britpop, the dullest genre covered, was half an hour longer than the other six.
What really pissed me off was the US underground episode. Potentially the most interesting, this degeneratad into interminable anecdotes about Dave Grohl's drumsticks, whilst bands like Sonic Youth and Husker Du got about 10 seconds coverage each.