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eoy list : Le Monde

newspaper Le Monde (a kind of French Washington Post) reveals its very eclectic eoy list here

no National, sorry, but LCD and Arcade Fire and there's no ranking, so that won't help LCD beat Arcade

Re: eoy list : Le Monde

Now I have time, this is the list (without the compilations, but with the classical records, for once there'll be some)
There's a doubt about if it's a ranking or not, but I assume it is not one

Arcade Fire : Neon Bible (rock)
Little Barrie : Stand Your ground (rock)
Shins : wincing the night away (rock)
Balkan Beat Box : Nu Med (world)
Magdalena Kozena : Haendel Arias (classisal)
Alexandre Tharaud : François Couperin, Pièces de clavecin (classical)
Björk : Volta (electro/pop)
Caetano Veloso : Ce Ao Vivo (world)
Chloé : The Waiting Room (electro)
JG Queyras : Bach, Cello suites (clasical)
Jacques Higelin : Amor Doloroso (french vocal)
Leif Ove Andsnes, Quatuor Artemis : Piano quintets (classical)
Vienna Art Ochestra : American Dreams, European Visionaries, Visionaries & Dreams (jazz)
Maria Schneider Orchestra : Sky Blue (jazz)
Kevin Ayers : The Unfairground (rock)
LCD Soundsystem : Sound Of Silver (rock/electro)
The Go! Team "Proof of youth" (rock)
Apparat "Walls" (electro)