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Artrocker Magazine's Top 20

"where NME is the enemy"

20. Bloc Party- Weekend in the City
19. Untitled Musical Project- s/t
18. The Cribs- Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever
17. Chow Chow- Colours and Lines
16. Mother and the Addicts-Science Fiction Illustrated
15. The Violets- the Lost Pages
14. Interpol- Our Love to Admire
13. Klaxons- Myths of the Near Future
12. Acoustic Ladyland- Skinny Grin
11. Liars -s/t
10. Future of the Left- Curses
9. The Hives- Black and White Album
8. Jakobinarina- The First Crusade
7. Tiny Masters of Today- Bang Bang Boom Cake
6. Shitdisco- Kingdom of Fear
5. Maximo Park- Our Earthly Pleasures
4. The Horrors- Strange House
3. Art Brut- It's a Bit Complicated
2. Good Shoes- Think Before You Speak
1. The Maccabees- Colour it In

Re: Artrocker Magazine's Top 20

No National? Sorry!

Re: Artrocker Magazine's Top 20

No Arcade Fire either. Definitely doing their best to be different

Re: Artrocker Magazine's Top 20

Well Arcade Fire's album is no "Funeral". I think it is highly overrated. It has some good songs but I woulodn't rate in the top 20.

Some of their picks are pretty good: Klaxons, Horrors, Shitdisco. Others are bad: Bloc Party and the Cribs.

Re: Artrocker Magazine's Top 20

terrible list

Re: Artrocker Magazine's Top 20

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Re: Artrocker Magazine's Top 20

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