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AVRev.com's Top 100 Rock Albums


No idea if this would be eligible, but it was an interesting in the manner it rated the albums. There'sa Top 100 and then Honorable Mentions (with scores, so you could figure out what the ranking wouldbe beyond 100).

Re: AVRev.com's Top 100 Rock Albums

this has got to be one of the worst lists i've ever seen. chicago? hell freezes over? clapton unplugged? supernatural? thick as a brick? who are these guys? LOLZ


yeah, I didn't catch all of them, but I did see Phil Collins, Bon Jovi and they stood out from a lot of others on there. But, I suppose that shouldn't matter if it's something that is deemed eligible- not all lists have every single usual suspect that's expected to be on them.

Re: AVRev.com's Top 100 Rock Albums

This list is horrible. No Dylan on the list. I like Led Zeppelin a lot but they are the new Beatles on this list. No White Album and Revolver is way to low. The Beach Boys Pet Sounds barely made the list enough said.

Re: AVRev.com's Top 100 Rock Albums

I went through and added ranks (via score) to the Honroable Mention albums. Definitely an interesting list, with some total left-field ones, but also some that have garnered plenty of acclaim.

And, there is 1 Dylan album, actually.

Honorable Mention

101. Some Girls The Rolling Stones 243
102. Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys Traffic 242
103. Texas Flood Stevie Ray Vaughn 239
104. Sticky Fingers The Rolling Stones 237
105. Licensed To Ill The Beastie Boys 236
106. Badmotorfinger Soundgarden 235
107. Rust In Peace Megadeth 234
108. The Cars The Cars 233
109. Tragic Kingdom No Doubt 231
110. Boston Boston 229
111. Kick INXS 228
112. Let It Bleed The Rolling Stones 226
113. Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine 224
114. Reign In Blood Slayer 223
115. Like A Prayer Madonna 222
116. Surfing With The Alien Joe Satriani 221
117. 5150 Van Halen 219
118. Breakfast In America Supertramp 218
119. Blonde On Blonde Bob Dylan 217
120. Days Of Future Passed The Moody Blues 215
121. Core The Stone Temple Pilots 214
122. Debut Bjork 213
123. Pretenders The Pretenders 211
124. Nevermind Nirvana 209
125. Bridge Over Troubled Water Simon And Garfunkel 205
126. Elvis' Christmas Album Evis Presley 204
127. Face Value Phil Collins 203
128. Vivid Living Colour 201
129. Hot Rats Frank Zappa 200
130. The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground and Nico 199
131. Around The World In A Day Prince 197
132. Chocolate And Cheese Ween 194
133. Under The Pink Tori Amos 193
134. Eliminator ZZ Top 192
135. American Beauty Grateful Dead 190
136. Surrealistic Pillow Jefferson Airplane 188
137. Tuesday Night Music Club Sheryl Crow 187
138. Exile On Main Street The Rolling Stones 185
139. Takin It To The Streets The Doobie Brothers 181
140. Frampton Comes Alive Peter Frampton 180
141. Dirt Alice In Chains 177
142. Sports Huey Lewis & The News 174
143. Dr. Feelgood Motley Crue 172
144. OK Computer Radiohead 171
145. Highway To Hell AC/DC 169
146. Toto IV Toto 166
147. 2112 Rush 165
148. Luck Of The Draw Bonnie Raitt 163
149. Operation: Mindcrime Queensryche 160
150. Combat Rock The Clash 154
151. Full Moon Fever Tom Petty 153
152. Automatic For The People R.E.M 151