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Growers of 2007

Are there any albums that you dismissed or actively disliked at first, but then came back too later and decided they were really good?

Right now I've been going back and listening to some of the albums I dismissed to see if any deserve a second chance to be on my end of the year list. The three I'm mulling right now are...

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible (Seemed samish and repetitive after Funeral at first)

Feist - The Reminder (Underwhelming at first)

Band of Horses - Cease to Begin (Seemed a bit generic indie at first)

How about you? What did you dismiss then return to later and like?

Re: Growers of 2007

I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum on Neon Bible. I thought the world of it at first and now I just think it's ok with a couple good songs.

Even though it wasn't technically a 2007 release I came around on Amy Winehouse.

Re: Growers of 2007

For me, it's Neon Bible
Found it terrible the first time I heard it (but it was also the first time I heard Arcade Fire)
Then I heard theur first album (good) and came back to this one.
It's a very good album.

Re: Growers of 2007

Arcade Fire as well, but surprisingly Magic too. I thought it wasn't that great at first, but after listening a few times I started to enjoy it more and more. Now it's in my top 100.

Re: Growers of 2007

Albums of 2007 that I disliked at first but that I like now :
Super Furry Animals - "Hey Venus"
Sondre Lerche - "Phantom punch"
Jason Falkner - "I'm OK, you're OK"

Album of 2007 that I liked at first but that I dislike now :
The Go! Team - "Proof of youth"

Re: Growers of 2007

Funny because a lot of 2007 albums are growers to me
I once said that 2007 was weak, but in fact it's just the contrary
Listen to the Neil Young album, Chrome Dreams, it is the best he made in a long long time