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regional AM polls

otisredding had a wonderful idea in the 1990s poll thread : he gave the results of the Spanish poll.
I don't want to sound too intrusive, but that we could be cool if we could make regional lists and compare them.
We could do the same for the alltime and eoy lists
I have some data from the demographic thread but I don't know where the following voters are from (country of residence, nationality).
Of course it is not a census and everybody's free, etc.., but if you feel like telling us, you're welcome
POst here or on the demographic thread

pop elton
Howlin' Andrew
Torsten (I know you just moved to Zûrich)
Paul Manusama
Mitchell Stirling (I think you're from Uk, am I wrong ?)

Thanks in advance

Re: regional AM polls

sorry for that bad habit of not reading my post before sending them
Hope it's understandable