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the national - abel

how this song isn't in the top 2500 is beyond me. it is one of the very few songs that i could call flawless. the chorus's are sung with the perfect amount of frustration. emotion comparable to kurt cobain singing "a denial" in smells like teen spirit. the lyrics are perfect too. "my mind's not right". gives you just enough information to understand, but little enough to fill in the gaps and relate to it. we've all felt like there's something wrong with us... the other instruments impress me too. the contrast between them and his voice... more evidence that he doesn't understand the world around him... it's funny how much instruments can say without actually speaking.

i know we have a few fans of "the national" here. what do you guys think... is this the masterpiece that i think it is?

Re: the national - abel

Well Abel probably deserves to be in the top 2500 but I'd be surprised if they didn't get at least one song from this year's Boxer. Slow Show and Fake Empire are strong candidates and at least one should make the list.

Re: the national - abel

It definitely is one of my favorites from The National. Right behind Start A War and Ada and a little more behind Fake Empire

Re: the national - abel

I have listened to Brainy more than any other song released this year. I love that song.

Re: the national - abel

"Mistaken for Strangers" > "Fake Empire"

But yea I just heard Abel for the first time a few days ago and it definitely stood out to me.