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telerama "grands crus 2007" eoy list

Telerama, French cultural magazine published a 2007 eoy list in a special issue dedicated to christmas presents (with books, records, DVD, etc..)
The list is called "grands crus 2007", which is a reference to wine a "grand cru" in France is a very good wine from a given year.

There is no ranking, just a simple list :

PJ Harvey "White chalk"
The Shins "Wincing the night away"
The Besnard Lakes "Are the dark horse"
Mos Def "true magic"
Amy winehouse "Back to black" (it's a 2006 album, i know)
Neil Young "Live At Massey Hall 1971"
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss "Raising sands"
Laura Veirs "Saltbreakers"
Mavis Staples "We'll never turn back"
Tori Amos "American Doll Pause"
Wilco "Sky Blue Sky"
Emily Haines "Knives don't have your back"
The National "Boxer"
Michael J. Sheehy "Ghost in the motorway"
Bat For Lashes "fur and gold"
Catherine Howe "What a beautiful place"
JOni Mitchell "Shine"