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EOY list from Gaffa, DK

here: http://gaffa.dk/artikler/view.php/news_id=20250

or right here:

Albums, non-Danish:
1 The Arcade Fire: Neon Bible
2 Rufus Wainwright: Release The Stars
3 Amy Winehouse: Back To Black
4 Radiohead: In Rainbows
5 The National: Boxer
6 Band Of Horses: Cease To Begin
7 Burial: Untrue
8 The Good, The Bad And The Queen: The Good, The Bad And The Queen
9 Modest Mouse: We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank
10 Animal Collective: Strawberry Jam
11 Battles: Mirrored
12 Kanye West: Graduation
13 M.I.A.: Kala
14 Wilco: Sky Blue Sky
15 Björk: Volta
16 LCD Soundsystem: Sound Of Silver
17 Interpol: Our Love To Admire
18 Ryan Adams: Easy Tiger
19 Beirut: The Flying Club Cup
20 Rickie Lee Jones: The Sermon On Exposition Boulevard
21 Patrick Wolf: The Magic Position
22 Feist: The Reminder
23 Bright Eyes: Cassadaga
24 Cold War Kids: Robbers & Cowards
25 The Shins: Wincing the Night Away
26 Jens Lekman: Night Falls Over Kortedala
27 Tori Amos: American Doll Posse
28 Patrick Watson: Close To Paradise
29 Queens Of The Stone Age: Era Vulgaris
30 Tracey Thorn: Out Of The Woods
31 Carla Bruni: No Promises
32 Editors: An End Has A Start
33 PJ Harvey: White Chalk
34 Iron & Wine: The Shepherd's Dog
35 Murcof: Cosmos
36 Grinderman: Grinderman
37 Lucinda Williams: West
38 Arctic Monkeys: Favourite Worst Nightmare
39 Sandro Perri: Tiny Mirrors
40 The Hold Steady: Boys & Girls In America

Singles, non-Danish:
1 Modest Mouse: Dashboard
2 Timbaland feat. Nephew: The Way I Are
3 Mika: Grace Kelly
4 Rihanna: Umbrella
5 Rufus Wainwright: Going To A Town
6 Bright Eyes: Four Winds
7 Amy Winehouse: Back To Black
8 Interpol: The Heinrich Maneuver
9 Familjen: Det Snurrar I Min Skalla
10 White Stripes: You Don't Know What Love Is
11 Kent: Ingenting
12 The National: Racing Like A Pro
13 Kaiser Chiefs : Ruby
14 Arcade Fire: Keep The Car Running
15 M.I.A.: Bird Flu
16 Kanye West: Stronger
17 Cold War Kids: Hang Me Up To Dry
18 Amy Winehouse: Rehab
19 Band Of Horses: Is There A Ghost?
20 Björk: Earth Intruders


Albums, DK:
1 Efterklang: Parades
2 The Raveonettes: Lust, Lust, Lust
3 Speaker Bite Me: Action Painting
4 Natasja: I Danmark Er Jeg
5 The Kissaway Trail: The Kissaway Trail
6 The Fashion: The Fashion
7 Volbeat: Rock The Rebel/Metal The Devil
8 Booty Cologne: 2007 B.C
9 Dúné: We Are In There, You Are Out Here
10 The Floor Is Made of Lava: No Fruit All Juice

Singles, DK:
1 Volbeat: The Garden’s Tale
2 The Raveonettes: Blush
3 Spleen United: My Tribe
4 Nephew: Science Fiction Og Familien
5 Burhan G: Who Is He?
6 Magtens Korridorer: Pandora
7 Suspekt: Proletar (Hvor Jeg Står)
8 Olesen-Olesen: En Voksen Mand I Ramones T-shirt
9 JaConfetti: Step Up
10 The Floor Is Made Of Lava: Do Your Sister
11 Efterklang: Mirador
12 Natasja: Ildebrand I Byen.
13 The Fashion: Like Knives
14 Tina Dickow: On The Run
15 Dúné: A Blast Beat
16 Alphabeat: Fantastic 6
17 Lise Westzynthius: Childlike Curves
18 The Kissaway Trail: Smother + Evil = Hurt
19 Speaker Bite Me: Teach Me Tiger
20 Private: My Secret Lover

Re: EOY list from Gaffa, DK

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