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New Moon

I know this is a relatively small point, but I'm curious - Elliott Smith's 'New Moon' is currently sitting at #4 on Henrik's list of the Best of 2007. Now, I believe this album consists entirely of songs recorded in the sessions for his 1995 and 1997 albums, so therefore surely it is a compilation album. Are there specific criteria for inclusion of compilation albums here? (I know this point was touched on in the discussions about the forthcoming polls, sorry to raise it again.) Do they have to be of completely previously unavailable recordings? It is a fine album, btw.

Re: New Moon

I think you hit the nail squarely on the head, Max - NEW MOON is eligible for inclusion here by virtue of being composed of previously unavailable recordings. It's a similar situation to Tom Waits' ORPHANS: BRAWLERS, BAWLERS AND BASTARDS just last year; that sprawling three-CD set actually had a fair amount of material that -had- been previously released (on soundtracks, multi-artist compilations, and even in one case - a Sparklehorse collaboration - on another artist's own album), but none of it had appeared on a Tom Waits album before and the vast majority was new, so it qualified.

Re: New Moon

It does make sense that way I suppose. Gets controversial with things like The Beatles' 'Love' though, which is included.

Re: New Moon

Or live albums like the Bob Dylan one that came out a few years ago.