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Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

1.How many gigs by year do you go to ?
2.Which artists have you seen live in this year 2007 ?
3.And what are best shows you ever been to ?

1. I used to go nearly 15 concerts each year.

2. In 2007, I've seen 16 gigs and I already have my tickets for 6 others coming before the end of the year :
- 26 janvier : Peter Von Poehl / Bataclan, Paris
- 19 février : Guillemots / La Maroquinerie, Paris
- 27 février : Explosions in the Sky / La Maroquinerie, Paris
- 14 mars : The High Llamas / La Maroquinerie, Paris
- 15 mars : The Earlies / La Maroquinerie, Paris
- 28 mars : Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings / Le Trabendo, Paris
- 6 avril : Camera Obscura / Point Ephémère, Paris
- 20 avril : Midlake / Le Trabendo, Paris
- 23 avril : Scissor Sisters / L'Olympia, Paris
- 3 mai : The Pipettes / Le Trabendo, Paris
- 21 mai : Sondre Lerche / Nouveau Casino, Paris
- 25 mai : of Montreal / Bataclan, Paris
- 10 juin : Jens Lekman / Parc de la Villette, Paris
- 19 septembre : David Mead / Flèche d'Or, Paris
- 19 octobre : Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings / Élysée Montmartre, Paris
- 25 octobre : Richard Hawley / Nouveau Casino, Paris

Coming soon :
- 14 novembre : Josh Rouse / La Java, Paris
- 16 novembre : The High Llamas / Point Ephémère, Paris
- 3 décembre : Super Furry Animals / La Maroquinerie, Paris
- 6 décembre : The Coral / Élysée Montmartre, Paris
- 12 décembre : Erik Truffaz Quartet feat. Ed Harcourt / Sunset, Paris
- 14 décembre (for my birthday !) : of Montreal / La Maroquinerie, Paris

3. Some gigs I will never forget :
- Oasis in 1995 at Bataclan, Paris
- The Divine Comedy in 1997 at Bataclan (or Cigale), Paris
- Radiohead in 2000 at Le Grand Rex, Paris
- Rufus Wainwright in 2003 at Le Batofar, Paris
- Brian Wilson in 2004 at L'Olympia, Paris (Smile tour !!!)
- Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings in 2007 at Le Trabendo, Paris

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

I used to go to about 10 a year, but now that I'm not in college and have disposable income again I've been going to about 2-3 a month. Plus, my music tastes have grown so there's a lot more bands I want to see.

Anyway, I'm one of those weird guys who posts all his concert stubs on his cubicle wall at work so I can just look at them here:

12/31/06-01/01/07 DeVotchKa/Andrew Bird (NYE/BDay show, so I'll count it in '07) - Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
01/12/07 My Morning Jacket - Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
01/13/07 My Morning Jacket - Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
02/23/07 GZA - Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO (The single worst show I've ever been to)
03/07/07 Clipse - Boulder Theatre, Boulder, CO
03/18/07 Badly Drawn Boy - Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO
03/22/07 The Thermals - Hi-Dive, Denver, CO
03/26/07 The Coup/Lyrics Born - Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO
04/22/07 The Decemberists - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
04/27/07-04/29/07 Coachella Music Festival - Indio Polo Grounds, Indio, CA (of which RATM, !!! and Faithless were the best sets)
05/22/07 The Hold Steady - Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
06/19/07 George Thorogood/Buddy Guy - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
07/19/07 Bob Dylan/My Morning Jacket - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
07/20/07 Built to Spill - Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO
07/21/07 Tiesto and a bunch of other coked out DJs - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
07/31/07 Daft Punk - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
08/22/07 Wu-Tang Clan/Nas/Cyprus Hill/Talib Kweli/Pharoe Monch - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
09/01/07 Wilco - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
09/02/07 Wilco - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO
09/11/07 Underworld - Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, CO (The single greatest show of my life)
09/17/07 Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem - Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO
09/24/07 Velvet Revolver/Alice in Chains - Coors Amphitheatre, Greenwood Village, CO (eh, it was free)
10/26/07-10/28/07 Voodoo Music Festival - City Park, New Orleans, LA (of which the best three acts were RATM...again, Wilco and Spoon


The Mountain Goats - Hi-Dive, Denver, CO 11/06/07
Ghostface Killah - Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO 11/08/07
The Thermals (maybe) - Gothic Theatre, Denver, CO 11/10/07
The Hold Steady/Art Brut - Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO 11/12/07
Of Montreal - Ogden Theater, Denver, CO 11/17/07

Best ever:
Underworld 9/11/2007
My Morning Jacket 1/13/2007
Foo Fighters/Weezer at Pepsi Center, Denver, CO in October 2005
Dizzee Rascal at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Denver, CO in February 2005
Elton John in Gibralter, Spain on some huge field in September 2004
Pearl Jam at United Center, Chicago, IL in June 2003
AC/DC at Pepsi Center, Denver, CO in April 2001

Then of course, this years Coachella as a whole was pretty freakin' awesome. Plus, Daft Punk this July gets an honorable mention as the best show I've ever seen at Red Rocks.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

1) 0
2) None
3) None

The only concerts we get here are shitty festivals like Pinkpop (matter of principal, I probably do like most of the music there) and trance crap like Sensation White. The few times we get a decent artist giving a concert chances are I'm the only one I know that is willing to pay to go to a concert by, and I quote, "some old artist". And going alone is quite boring. So I just don't go.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

this year i've only been to one, i saw battles and i didn't enjoy it. the sound was horrible. yes, i generally don't enjoy live music. i've seen a fair few good acts, but a huge number of bad ones. it's so expensive too.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

sorry about the double post...

some bands who release awesome music, are terrible live. and some amazing live bands, release horrible music. i'm sick of seeing artist that i like live, and being disappointed.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

I agree Moebid. I also hate crowds, watching a band over somebody's shoulder or even worse watching a band while somebody is singing in my ear. There' too many things that can ruin a concert. Plus, I don't have money to spend on shows.

I've only been to one show this year- Jay Reatard (http://www.myspace.com/jayreatard) at the 7th St. Entry in Minneapolis. That show was awesome. They only play 20 minute sets but it's 20 minutes of non-stop punk and it's amazing.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

I guess I go to app. a concert a month when time allows. Plus the annual four day Roskilde Festival 25 kms outside of Copenhagen which is really the no. 1 way around here to hear a lot of interesting bands without busting your brains, wallet and calendar.

This year:

24th of Jan. - mewithoutyou
19th of Feb. – John Cale
25th of March – was going to see Arcade Fire, but they cancelled (singer ill with sinus something)
29th of March – The Shins
2nd of April – Dylan
12th of April – Akron/Family
6th of May – Of Montreal
9th of June - Editors
19th of June – Patti Smith
26th of June – Pearl Jam
2nd of July – Modest Mouse
5th-8th of July – Roskilde Festival. Saw Arcade Fire, Mahmoud Ahmed (trad. Ethiopian singer), Murder (Danish low-key acoustic outfit, very good), Roky Erickson, Klaxons (sound was not too good), Annuals, The National, Souls Savers feat. Mark Lanegan (boy was he grumpy – or at least very introvert), A Hawk and a Hacksaw (very trad. Eastern European), Grizzly Bear, Beirut, Wilco, last half of Arctic Monkeys (they overlapped with Wilco, but what I heard was much better than their first show in Denmark in 2006).
4th of Aug. – “Rock i Gryden” – local festival feat. a Danish band, D:A:D, that my son wanted to see.

(Had ticket for Cold War Kids the other night, but was ill and had to give the ticket away. Reportedly not their finest hour)

7th of Nov. – Arcade Fire
22nd of Nov. – Ryan Adams
30th of Nov. – The National

(also, will be taking my son to see the “Danish National Children’s Rap Music Contest” on 27th of Nov.)

Best ever:
whew, that's tough
But memorable ones are
The Dream Syndicate sometime in 1988 or thereabouts
Dylan on several occasions (1987 and 1996 to mention highlights)
Mercury Rev playing to a crowd of app. 200 on the island of Bornholm out in the Baltic last summer
Editors this summer

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

I very rarely go to shows anymore. It has to be someone I really want to see to make me endure drunken crowds and generally loutish conduct. Pop music shows have never been the greatest forum for human behavior, but I really think things have become worse in the past ten years or so.

Actually I would really love to know why any sane person would spend a considerable amount of money to go to a show just so they can 1) get drunk off their asses or 2) spend the evening making small talk with their friends about their kid’s graduation or next weekend’s camping trip. Go to a coffee house if you want to make small talk.

Of the dozen or so shows that I’ve seen in the past two or three years, I can only think of one where the audience actually seemed to pay attention, which was Zappa plays Zappa. Every person in that theatre seemed to be hanging on every note, and they were highly appreciative.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

Mick Jagger came here in 1965 with the Rolling Stones - their performance was so bad,people pelted them with tomatoes - he went on to call our town(Invercargill) the asshole of the world - I don't think we've had any big international acts since...

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

I used to go a lot to shows when I was 20-30 years old, but now that I (and my friends also) have a family and live in the suburbs I don't go to gigs anymore.
But Dumbangel your post made me want to go to concerts. Guess I'll keep an eye on concerts ads.
I guess the latest I went to was Dick Annegarn(french singer/songwriter) at La Cigale 2 years ago.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

I probably have forgotten some shows from this past year, but it’s nice to reflect, especially since I moved to a smaller city with less concerts, and my work schedule doesn’t allow me to go to any weeknight shows out of town.

1/29 Deerhoof – Metro - Chicago
3/10 Slim Cessna’s Auto Club – Abbey Pub - Chicago
4/14 Black Angels – Empty Bottle – Chicago
5/3 Junior Boys – Empty Bottle – Chicago
5/19 Arcade Fire – Chicago Theatre – Chicago
9/14 Aesop Rock – Barrymore Theatre – Madison

You can also add the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago in July, and On the Waterfront in Rockford in September. On the Waterfront featured the New Cars with Todd Rundgren as the headliner one night! They actually weren’t too bad.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

1. I usually go to about one gig a month. This summer I went to a couple of festivals as well.

2. The gigs I've been to this year (that I can remember):

The Lemonheads (at Rockefeller)
Brant Bjork (John Dee)
Jackie Leven (Kampen Bistro)
Metallica (Valle Hovin)
Melvins (Rockefeller)
Ill Bill (Blå)
El-P (Fabrikken)
Pase Rock (Blå)
Kreator/Celtic Frost (Betong)
New Bomb Turks (Last Train)
The Disciplines - Ken Stringfellows from The Posies new band (Mono)
Eagles Of Death Metal (Rockefeller)

At the Øya festival:


At the Hove festival:

Arcade Fire
Queens Of The Stone Age
Amy Winehouse
Junior Boys
King Midas
The Killers
Lamb Of God
TV On The Radio
Brightblack Morning Light
Nellie McKay
The Long Blondes

3. The best gigs I've been to, hmm.. The Posies last year was a blast. Queens Of The Stone Age back in 2000 was cool. Non Phixion a couple of years ago was the best rap gig I've been to. Mastodon and Arcade Fire this summer was great, as was Brightblack Morning Light, Gojira and Melvins. Not sure which one was THE best. Think I'll say Spiritualized in 2002 or 2003.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

Since the first gig I've been to (Aerosmith at Bercy in 1994), I've seen almost all my favourite artists but there are still many of them that I've never seen because either I've missed one of their rare gigs or they never have played in France :
The Magnetic Fields
Richard Swift
Linus of Hollywood
Roger Manning
Elliott Smith ...it's too for me now... :-(
Primal Scream
Mercury Rev
Trashcan Sinatras

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

Here are some of the memorable concerts I can think of...

The first big one, very important:

Smashing Pumpkins - 1996 - Oklahoma City

The concert I went to the very day before I left home for college

Flaming Lips w/ IQU, Sebadoh, Robyn Hitchcock, Sonic Boom - 1999 - Oklahoma City

Nine Inch Nails w/ A Perfect Circle - 2000 - Dallas

Frankenixon - 2000-2003 - various locations around Des Moines

Beta Band - 2002 - Lawrence, KS

Strokes - 2004 - Kansas City

Deerhoof - 2004 - Lawrence, KS

Sufjan Stevens - 2005 - Chicago

Caribou - 2006 - Chicago

Zappa Plays Zappa - 2006 - Chicago

Slim Cessna's Auto Club - 2006-7 - Chicago

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

I never saw Elliott Smith live either. He was my favorite artist in high school and college but every time he came through Minneapolis it was a 21+ show. I was really mad about that. It really bothers me that clubs take out the core audience in favor of people who just want to get drunk. Nothing wrong with drinking at a show or even getting drunk for that matter. It's rock and roll. But, cutting out a large part of the audience to cater to it is appalling and damaging to the local music scene. Actually, Minnesota clubs have cut back on 21+ shows in the past 5-6 years and our scene has become respectable again. Imagine that.

Re: Live - Gigs - Shows - Concerts - Tours - Festivals

To quote Moeboid:

"some bands who release awesome music, are terrible live." My textbook example is Son Volt. When I lived in New York, their CD Trace was a great comfort when I was homesick for the south. Then I saw them live...just appalling.

"and some amazing live bands, release horrible music." I can't really think of an example, but I just picked up the new R.E.M. Live CD, and many of the songs I hated on Around the Sun actually sound quite good live (especially "Electron Blue" and "Boy in the Well"). Now my theory is that they're actually still writing good songs but the production on their post-Bill Berry albums has been totally screwed up (it would be pretty to think so, anyway).

I don't really get out to shows much any more. Memorable ones include:

Oingo Boingo, Houston, 1983 (shut up--it was my first)
UB40 and the Police, Houston, 1983
Squeeze, Houston, 1984 (still in my top 2 or 3 shows ever--I really liked Difford & Tillbrook)
Violent Femmes, Milwaukee, 1988
Too many to name in Austin, 1990-1992 (highlights were Arc Angels and Darden Smith among the locals, and a surprisingly good Bowie show)
Lollapalooza with Primus, 1992? (there were other bands, but I only remember Primus)
Radiohead, New York, 1998 (liked the show better than OK Computer, actually)
X, San Francisco, 1999 (with Billy Zoom back in the band)
Liz Phair, State College, PA, 1999 (in a tiny, sweaty club)
The White Stripes, Houston, 2003
The Hives, Chicago, 2003
R.E.M., Houston, 2003 (my fourth and most recent time seeing them; their live show constantly improves)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs at SXSW in Austin; I think it was '04