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Acclaimed Music Top 100 songs

What songs on Acclaimed Music top 100 would you consider the most radical or strays from the pop music norms?

Re: Acclaimed Music Top 100 songs

3 The Beach Boys Good Vibrations
14 Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five The Message
15 Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel
16 The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever
34 The Rolling Stones Sympathy for the Devil
58 Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side
68 Queen Bohemian Rhapsody

Re: Acclaimed Music Top 100 songs

I'm not sure I understand the question, Becks.

Many (most?) of the songs in the top 100 were radical departures in their day; what makes them great (if they are) is that they extended the possibilities of pop music. In other words, they "strayed" from current norms AND established new ones.

In the top 10 alone, at least six of the songs were groundbreaking in this sense (imo, everything but "Satisfaction" and the three soul songs--which is not to say those are not great songs).

I'm not being deliberately obtuse (I hope), but help me out here--what do you mean by "straying from norms"?

Re: Acclaimed Music Top 100 songs

Schleuse, I meant songs that are not pop orientated. Music that uses outside sources that are not associated with pop or rock music. Avant garde, Indian music, unusual time signatures, or stray from the three minute pop song, are some examples. Heartbreak Hotel is the type of song black artists were already doing that is a poor example. Strawberry Fields Forever, and Good Vibaration are examples I am talking about. To simplify it songs that sound like nothing before it came out. Sympathy for the Devil is the one Stones song that fits that description.

Re: Acclaimed Music Top 100 songs

"A Day In The Life" must have sounded a lot more groundbreaking and unusual in 1967 than it does today.

Also, the Sex Pistols two singles were quite shocking and different in their time.