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Best Post-rock, Ambient, Indie-crossover albums of 2007

If you like post-rock, ambient, indie-crossover music, these albums are recommended. The best acts of 2007 so far…

1. Arcade Fire / Neon Bible
Canada and Montreals honour, which made one of the best album 2000’s (The Funeral) goes on their way of making good music with Neon Bible.

2. Kwoon / Tales & Dreams
“Dear lad, this is the story of my life” France post-rock band Kwoon’s debut album starts with these words and they make their ambient way of telling stories.

3. Crippled Black Phoenix / A Love Of Shared Disasters
Members of Electric Wizard and Mogwai, recorded the one of the most interesting projects of 2007 in Portishead member Barrow Geoff’s studio.

4. A Journey Down The Well / The Funeral Album
Sweedish/Turkish trio, explores new a new style of post-rock in their debut The Funeral Album with the instruments violin, cello and piano.

5. Do Make Say Think / You, You’re A History In Rust
Constellation records brand new band, Do Make Say Think uses the drums with a jazzy style and combines their music with lovely guitars and wind instruments.

6. Stars Of The Lid / Stars Of The Lid and Their and Their Refinement Of the Decline
Making their ambient music familiar to thousands of people, Stars Of The Lid enjoys making their drone based music.

7. Eluvium / Copia
Matthew Cooper’s ambient project Eluvium, gives birth to its best album, Copia

8. God Is An Astronaut /Far From The Refuge
God is An Astronout is known for their soft post-rock sounds sometimes turns to hard as metal. Irish band makes one of their best records so far..

9. Joy Wants Eternity / You Who Pretend To Sleep
Sometimes naive, sometimes chaotic. A post-rock band with three guitars. You can enjoy this album while you are pretend to sleep.

10. Explosions In The Sky /All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone
If your favourite Explosions In Sky album is The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place, you will love this album too.