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Pre 1963 albums

Are there any great rock and roll albums before 1963 that I should get that are not compliations like Chuck Berry or Elvis Sun Sessions. There seems to be a definite line drawn between the quality of albums before the British Invasion and Folk Rock.

Re: Pre 1963 albums

Get a compilation of Buddy Holly. He would have been huge if not tragically killed in that plane crash.

Re: Pre 1963 albums

Singles were basically THE recorded medium for rock, really until about 1965. If you're looking for a pre-63 rock and roll album that's any kind of a thematic unity...well, you ain't gonna find it.

If you're just looking for a good LP by a rock and roll artist released before 1963, I'd recommend Here's Little Richard or Howlin' Wolf's two albums from the era (available on one disc at Amazon).

If you'd like a live album, Muddy Waters at Newport is pretty cool, especially since Muddy had to win over a crowd of (let's face it) jazz snobs. It's more blues than rock and roll, but the line between the two has never been that clearly drawn.