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ROBERT DIMERY - Les 1001 Albums Qu'il Faut Avoir Ecoutés Dans Sa Vie

Hi Henrik, in the introduction of the french translation of this book which came out in Octber 2006, the famous critic Michka ASSAYAS - author of a "Dictionnaire Du Rock" published in 2000 - points out that only 12 French Albums were selected and thus, decided to draw a list with all the ones that should have been included. He states notably that France has been an important center for World Music until recently but that french critics have always been a bit reticent to french rock and used to give more acclaim to the texts of "Chanson Francaise". He aso mentions a few international Abums that were omitted. This list looks more or less in its conception to the Postscript that Dave MARSH did for his "Heart & Soul" book; I hope you'll be inspired by it.

Les Années 60/

THE ASSOCIATION-And Then...Along Comes The Association (1966)
Joe COCKER-Joe Cocker (1969)
THE EASYBEATS-Friday On My Mind (1967)
THE LEFT BANKE-Walk Away Renee-Pretty Ballerina (1967)
THE REMAINS-no title (1966)
SOFT MACHINE-no title (1968)
SOFT MACHINE-Soft Machine Vol.2 (1969)

ANTOINE-no title (1966)
Hugues AUFRAY-En Direct De L'Olympia (1966)
Jacques DUTRONC-no title (1966)
Michel POLNAREFF-no title (1966)

Les Années 70/

BADFINGER-no title (1974)
Henry COW-Unrest (1973)
Kevin COYNE-Marjory Razor Blade (1973)
Willy DE VILLE-Cabretta (1977)
Dave EDMUNDS-Get It (1977)
THE FEELIES-Crazy Rhythms (1979)
Rory GALLAGHER-Live In Europe (1972)
Nina HAGEN-Unbehagen (1979)
Rickie LEE JONES-no title (1979)
LITTLE FEAT-The Last Record Album (1975)
THE ONY ONES-no title (1978)
PERE UBU-Dub Housing (1978)
PROCOL HARUM-Grand Hotel (1973)
THE RAINCOATS-no title (1979)
TERRY RILEY-Persian Surgery Dervishes (1973)
SPIRIT-Future Games (A Magical Kahauna Dream) (1977)

BIJOU-O.K. Carole (1978)
CHRISTOPHE-Les Mots Bleus (1975)
CHRISTOPHE-Le Beau Bizarre (1978)
NINO FERRER-Métronomie (1972)
Brigitte FONTAINE-Brigitte Fontaine Est...(1970)
Serge GAINSBOURG-L'Homme A La Tete De Chou (1976)
Serge GAINSBOURG-Aux Armes Etc. (1979)
France GALL-Débranche (1976)
GONG-Le Camembert électrique (1971)
Johnny HALLYDAY-Rock A Memphis (1972)
Francoise HARDY-Message Personnel (1973)
Jacques HIGELIN-Alertez Les Bébés (1976)
MAGMA-Mekanik Destruktiv Kommandoh (1973)
Gérard MANSET-La Mort D'Orion (1970)
Eddy MITCHELL-Rocking In Nashville (1974)
Dick RIVERS-Rock'N'Roll Star (1974)
Véronique SANSON-Le Maudit (1973)
TELEPHONE-Crache Ton Venin (1979)

Les Années 80/

THE BARRACUDAS-Drop Out With The Barracudas (1981)
Joe COCKER-Unchain My Heart (1987)
THE COSTELLO SHOW- King Of America (1986)
Marshall CRENSHAW-no title (1982)
THE GO-BETWEENS-16 Lovers Lane (1988)
THE GUN CLUB-Fire Of Love (1981)
TIM HARDIN-The Homecoming Concert (1987)
Chris ISAAC-no title (1987)
Joe JACKSON-Night & Day (1982)
VAN MORRISON & THE CHIEFTAINS-Irish Heartbeat (1988)
Roy ORBISON-Mystery Girl (1989)
Graham PARKER-The Mona Lisa's Sister (1988)
THE RAMONES-Pleasant Dreams (1981)
Leon REDBONE-From Branch To Branch (1981)
THE STRANGLERS-La Folie (1981)
STRAY CATS-no title (1981)
VIOLENT FEMMES-Hallowed Ground (1984)
XTC-English Settlement (1982)
YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS-Collossal Youth (1980)

Alain BASHUNG-Play Blessures (1982)
BERURIER NOIR-Concerto Pour Détraqués (1985)
ALPHA BLONDY- Jérusalem (1986)
Francis CABREL-Sarbacane (1989)
Charlélie COUTURE-Pochette-Surprise (1981)
Etienne DAHO-La Notte la notte...(1984)
Mylene FARMER-Ainsi Soit-je (1987)
Serge GAINSBOURG-Love On The Beat (1984)
LES GARCONS BOUCHERS-no title (1987)
Jean-Jacques GOLDMAN-Homologué (1985)
Johnny HALLYDAY-Rock'N'Roll Attitude (1985)
Francoise HARDY-Quelqu'un Qui S'en va (1982)
INDOCHINE-L'Aventurier (1983)
Mory KANTE-Akwaba Beach (1987)
Bernard LAVILLIERS-O Gringo (1980)
LITTLE BOB STORY-Vacant Heart (1982)
LA MANO NEGRA-Puta's Fever (1989)
Gérard MANSET-Lumieres (1985)
MARQUIS DE SADE-Rue De Siam (1981)
Eddy MITCHELL-Happy Birthday (1980)
Jean-Louis MURAT-Cheyenne Autumn (1989)
NIAGARA-Quel Enfer! (1989)
LES RITA MITSOUKO-The No Comprendo (1986)
TAXI GIRL-Seppuku (1982)
Touré KOUNDA-Turu (1982)
TRUST-Répression (1980)

Les Années 90/

Natacha ATLAS-Diaspora (1995)
Greg BROWN-Dream Cafe (1993)
Lindsay BUCKINGHAM-Out Of The Cradle (1992)
Guy CHADWICK LAZY-Soft & Slow (1997)
Vic CHESTNUTT-Drunk (1994)
Eric CLAPTON-Pilgrim (1998)
Iris DeMENT-Infamous Angel (1992)
Bryan FERRY-As Time Goes By (1999)
GOMEZ-Liquid Skin (1999)
Daniel JOHNSTON-Fun (1994)
THE LILAC TIME-Looking For A Day In The Night (1999)
LOS LOBOS-Kiko (1992)
Lyle LOVETT-The Road To Ensenada (1990)
Shelby LYNNE-I Am Shelby Lynne (1999)
Maria McKEE-Life Is Sweet (1996)
MAZZY STAR-She Hangs Brightly (1990)
MORPHINE-Cure For Pain (1993)
BOB MOULD-no title (1996)
Martin NEWELL-The Greatest Living Englishman (1993)
THE NITS-Giant Normal Dwarf (1990)
PAGE & PLANT-No Quarter (1994)
Ron SEXSMITH-Other Songs (1997)
SPARKLEHORSE-Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (1995)
TINDERSTICKS-no title (1993)
Paul WESTERBERG-14 Songs (1993)

DOMINIQUE A-La Mémoire Neuve (1995)
Alain BASHUNG-Osez Joséphine (1991)
Stephan EICHER-Engelberg (1991)
Mylene FARMER-Anamorphose (1995)
IAM-De La Planete Mars (1991)
LES INNOCENTS-Post Partum (1995)
LOUISE ATTAQUE-Louise Attaque (1997)
MIOSSEC-Boire (1995)
LES NEGRESSES VERTES-Famille Nombreuse (1991)
NOIR DESIR-Tostaky (1993)
Vanessa PARADIS-no title (1992)
SAINT-GERMAIN-Boulevard (1995)
SUPREME NTM-Paris Sous Les Bombes (1991)
Rachid TAHA-Diwan (1998)
Yann TIERSEN-Le Phare (1997)
Sylvain VANOT-éGérie (1997)
Laurent VOULZY-Caché Derriere (1992)

Les Années 2000/

Fiona APPLE-Extraordinary Machine (2006)
ARCTIC MONKEYS-Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not (2006)
THE BANGLES-Doll Revolution (2002)
Jeff BECK-You Had It Coming (2001)
THE CZARS-Goodbye (2003)
DEATH IN VEGAS-Scorpio Rising (2002)
Neil DIAMOND-12 Songs (2005)
EELS-Blinkin Lights And Other Revelations (2005)
Neil FINN-One Nil (2001)
George HARRISON-Brainwashed (2002)
THE KILLS-Keep On Your Mean Side (2003)
LCD SOUNDSYSTEM-no title (2005)
Paul McCARTNEY-Chaos And Creation In The Backyard (2005)
NELLY-Nellyville (2002)
Robert PLANT-Mighty Rearranger (2005)
THE RAVEONETTES-Pretty In Black (2005)
Damian RICE-O (2002)
Richard THOMPSON-Front Parlour Ballads (2005)

AMADOU & MARIAM-Dimanche A Bamako (2005)
AS DRAGON-Spanked (2003)
Bertrand BURGALAT-Portrait Robot (2005)
Carla BRUNI-Quelqu'un M'a Dit (2002)
CAMILLE-Le Fil (2005)
CORNEILLE-Parce Qu'on Vient De Loin (2004)
Keren ANN-La Disparition (2002)
KYO-Le Chemin (2003)
M-Qui De Nous Deux (2003)
MICKEY 3D-Matador (2005)
OXMO PUCCINO-L'Amour Est Mort (2001)
RAPHAEL-Caravane (2005)
Sébastien TELLIER-L'Incroyable Vérité (2001)
TETE-La Faveur De L'Automne (2003)
VITALIC-OK Cowboy (2005)
LES WAMPAS-Kiss (2000)