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Three new polls.

I have read three new polls this month will they count on Acclaimed music lists ? One by Mojo Magazine the 50 Greatest Psychedelic songs of 1967 and two by Q Magazine The Top 20 Greatest Guitar Tracks Ever and The Top 10 Greatest Songs Ever Written.

Re: Three new polls.

Hi Beckham,

The Mojo list and the Q guitar list will not be included as they don't include all genres covered by these magazines.

The Q top 10 songs will be included. The list has already been posted in another forum message.

Re: Three new polls.

I have to disagree with you on the Q Guitar tracks because every genre in pop music has some form of guitar in its music from hard rock to hip hop and it should be included.

Re: Three new polls.

I agree a guitar is an instrument and not a genre, but the list is still narrowed down into something that isn't Q's overall view.