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Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

Has bracketology changed your view on any artists or genres?

What I describe here is not a major change, but anyway ... during the last 10-15 years I've seen Beatles as the greatest band of all time. Therefore, I have surprised myself so far by putting a majority of Beatles' songs at #3 or #4.

#1s: 2 songs (A Day in the Life, She Loves You)
#2s: 2 songs (Tomorrow Never Knows, Hey Jude)
#3s: 4 songs (In My Life, Yesterday, Strawberry Fields Forever, Paperback Writer)
#4s: 3 songs (I Want to Hold Your Hand, Help!, Penny Lane)

Of course I have also considered: 1. the competition in bracketology has been murdering and 2. no other artist have so many songs included in the game.

So although I find The Beatles slightly overrepresented in bracketology (and probably at AM overall), I still don't think any other artist can match their catalogue.

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

Bracketology hasn't changed my view on music per se, but there's been instances throughout this tournament (actually, two that come to mind) where I've had an initial opinion of a song - based on an old perception of it (ie. hearing it more than a few years ago; maybe as a child), but when I've re-listened to the song, I find that it wasn't as bad as I originally thought. In fact, with these two songs that came to mind, I actually REALLY enjoy them now.

Regarding the Beatles, my votes look something like this:

#1s: 8 songs (A Day in the Life, She Loves You, Tomorrow Never Knows, Hey Jude, Strawberry Fields Forever, Paperback Writer, Help!, Penny Lane)
#2s: 0 songs
#3s: 0 songs
#4s: 0 songs

I missed the boat on In My Life, I Want To Hold..., and Yesterday because (for some reason) I didn't hop aboard the Bracketology train until Week 5. In My Life and I Want To Hold would've been a #1, but Superstition would've got my vote over Yesterday in Week 2.

Do I love the Beatles? Of course. Are they overrepresented here? I would say no, but then, there's always going to be people on either side of the fence on that one.

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

You can probably guess what my opinion is on the fact whether or not the Beatles are overrepresented, so I'm not going there.

The bracketology hasn't really changed my view on music, but it has gotten me into some new music, I've discovered some new gems and all in all it's a great experience.

Also, making my top 100 songs and albums (yes, I'm pretty much done to my own surprise) I definitely noticed an influence from the bracketology. There are some choices in there that wouldn't have made it without schleuse. Thanks man.

Ah... I can't help it.. the not-so-Fab Four are overrepresented!

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

The biggest surprise for me has been (re)discovering how much I actually like the Stones. There have also been a few songs rated highly by others which I'm willing to reconsider (a recent example was "I Only Have Eyes for You").

And since we're doing this, here's my track record with the Beatles:

#1 - 3 (Strawberry Fields, Day in the Life, IWTHYH)
#2 - 4
#3 - 4
#4 - 0

I have consistently rated John's songs higher than Paul's, which surprises me not at all.

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

I agree with you on the Stones. I still think they have terrible albums in whole but they do have a lot of really good songs which I kind of realized in Bracketology but have been figuring out over the last year as well. They're another Micheal Jackson for me in the sense that a greatest hits album doesn't do it since it's missing too much that I like and including too much I don't. So, in the end with both I just got all of their albums Have I mentioned how much I love Rhapsody?

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

I just wonder if people here tend to put the Beatles at #1 - just because they're the Beatles - sort of seen as as unbeatable. Like Anthony - has every song by them at #1 - well clearly there were stronger songs in at least a couple of those weeks. I mean,they haven't got any songs in the AM top 10,and if you ask me,they probably only have 2 songs that deserve to be(A day in the life and Strawberry Fields). But there's a few songs that have appeared in bracketology that I have come to love since - Waterloo Sunset comes to mind. I think I had it #2 in it's bracket but now it's a favourite. And with the Beatles,yeah probably no one can match their catalogue as far as singles go - but albums? - there's certainly been better album artists I believe.

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

If you're directing the question at me, Midaso, the answer quite simply, is no. I certainly did not -intentionally- rank any of those eight Beatles songs #1 just because they're the Beatles. I understand how that would be an easy conclusion to arrive at, and even I'll admit that seeing my voting trends written above (in a condensed "snapshot", if you will) makes me wonder if I am a bit biased towards the Fab Four.

From the time that I started participating in Bracketology, I've done my best to give each and every song its due consideration, and as it turns out, the Beatles songs were always my favorites in their respective brackets. Sure, other songs might've been "stronger" (whatever that means), but my criteria first and foremost is "what song do I like the best?", and it was always the Lennon/McCartney songs that stood out. For what it's worth, my vote for "Tomorrow Never Knows" over "God Only Knows" in Week 7 was probably influenced by the particular musical mood I was in that day, whereby experimentation seemed more impressive than melody - hence, the Beach Boys being relegated to 2nd place. Regardless, the Beach Boys won that bracket and even at this point, I'm not wishing I had voted differently. I still believe in the whole "regression toward the mean" thing, as it applies to this Bracketology game.

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

If I remember correctly mine is like:

#1s: 4 songs (Tomorrow Never Knows, A Day in the Life, Hey Jude, I Want to Hold Your Hand)
#2s: 5 songs (She Loves You, In My Life, Yesterday, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Forever)
#3s: 2 songs (Help!, Paperback Writer)
#4s: 0 songs

I think I was off on I Want to Hold Your Hand but I really wish Tomorrow Never Knows had won. The rest I'm not too attached to. The thing is, it's really really easy to like the Beatles because they released such solid material. They weren't like the Stones, where we were lucky if they had TWO good songs on one album.

What I'm kind of surprised at is how hard I'm coming down on a few artists I was simply indifferent to beforehand. I'm starting to learn just how little respect I have for R.E.M. and Elvis. Of course I never really liked them to begin with but now I'm feeling obligated to explain why I think they're overrated! And talk about over-representation...Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, The Velvet Underground, Nirvana, Pixies, all 1 song. Elvis? 7! And don't get me started on Prince.......

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

Of course bracketology changed a lot of things in my view of music.
First I discovered artists I didn't know very well, like the Smiths (I put There is a light at nb1)
Regarding the Beatles, they are my favorite group

#1s: 5 songs (Tomorrow Never Knows,Hey Jude, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Forever,Help!)
#2s: 2 songs (Paperback Writer, A Day in the Life)
#3s: 1 songs (She Loves You)
#4s: 0 songs

How many other bands produce such a string of immortal albums and songs in a 8 year span ? I don't want to be the guadian of conformism (defending Beatles after I do Presley) but to me they are the best.
Bracketology and AM in general have renewed my interest to rock music, and made me pick albums and songs I hadn't been listening to for a long time
But I wouldn't say it has disrupted my vision and changed my tastes. After more than 25 years of listening to music, I think I know what I like the most. (I only liked one song by the Smiths for instance)
In general it helped me realize there was more good music than I thought after 1975

Re: Has bracketology changed your view on music in any way?

Since we're all listing this, I might as well do the same.

#1s: 1 song (Penny Lane)
#2s: 3 songs (In My Life, I Want To Hold Your Hand, A Day In The Life
#3s: 3 songs (Yesterday, Strawberry Fields Forever, Hey Jude)
#4s: 4 songs (Tomorrow Never Knows, Help!, Paperback Writer, She Loves You)

While I was at it, I checked the Stones too

#1s: 5 songs (Sympathy For The Devil, Paint It Black, Honky Tonk Women, (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Jumpin' Jack Flash)
#2s: 2 songs (Gimme Shelter, Brown Sugar)

I can almost smell my own bias, but they really did deserve to win there.