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Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

SInce that gay albums list from The Advocate is included, I suppose this list would be eligible:


I don't think there's any particular order.

"Proud," Heather Smalls
"Believe," Cher
"Beautiful," Christina Aguilera
"Express Yourself," Madonna
"I'm Coming Out," Diana Ross
"(You Make Me Feel) Mighty Real," Sylvester
"I Will Survive," Gloria Gaynor
"It's Raining Men," The Weather Girls
"We Are Family," Sister Sledge
"Over the Rainbow," Judy Garland

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

Shouldn't there be more songs from artists who are, oh I don't know...gay?

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

the second i saw jr posting a list, i knew madonna was on it.

anyway, why are 'gay pride' lists eligible, but not 'love song' lists or whatever it was from not long ago?

Like, Duh...

since I search for Madonna info and lists with her pop up, only makes sense that I would post them.

Anyhoo, since the source is a gay publication, and the list is gay-specific, that's why it would be eligible (like The Advocate and the 50 gay albums).

Love songs also is a genre, but there really aren't any outlets specializing in love songs, you know? The closest is that love book that had the 100 greatest love songs, but Henrik deemed that ineligible, as well.

As for gay acts, maybe a lot of songs by gay acts don't have the themes prevalent to the gaycommunity? Just a thought. I'd add Melissa Etheridge's "Come to My Window" to such a list, as well as "Vogue."

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

I always thought the gayest song ever was 'Real Men' by Joe Jackson, but I'm not an expert. Pretty good song though

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

"The gay messiah" by Rufus Wainwright is a gay song, isn't it ?
And 80 percents of Scissor Sisters songs is gay too, isn't it ?

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

Rufus Wainwright has a bunch including One Man Guy, a cover of his dad's song with a little spin.

It's interesting how gay men identify more with strong women than other gay men.


a strong, kick-ass femle artist probably is more appealing to some gay men, rather than a straight-up gat male artist. of course, gay men also love campy, frivilous acts like Kylie Minogue (who hasn't projected much of a kick-ass woman in her work).

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

How does "Over the Rainbow" qualify as a gay pride song? It just seams like a list of songs that have become associated with gayness over the years, whether or not their origins started that way. Seems like a pretty useless list to me.

How' Bout...

heading over to the site and reading the accompanying commentary?

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

What about "Standing in the Way of Control?" That's probably one of the greatest protest songs of this era.

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

I think the role of a critic is to explain his or her personal, informed, and--most importantly--critical, view of the artistic "value" of a particular piece of music. As in, "this is a good song because...."

This list has a different goal. Rather than saying that "Over the Rainbow" is one of the 10 best "gay" songs (as if such a thing could exist), it is saying that "Over the Rainbow" is one of the 10 songs most beloved by the gay community.

So is it right to call this a "critic" list? Just asking.

The same could be said about a list of the favorite songs of pet owners, or skateboarders, or South Americans, etc.

It's No...

different than a list of the 50 best gay albums that The Advocate had compiled (I myself also don't see how an album can be labeled "gay"- maybe it's like hat you said, works that speak most to the community). It's still being chosen by the outlet that compiled the list, so, yeah, I'd think it's fine.

Re: Gay.com: Top 10 Pride Songs

it's henrik's call not yours, and we all know you feel this way because madonna made the list. what was he intention of the list? that's the key.


No, there are lists where Madge is on, that have been deemed ineligible and it's all good. Besides, she has plenty of lists inclusions, anyhow.

Like stated, not all lists have to be based on "best," and this site has plenty of those kindof lists (i.e. Most Important, beign a common theme for a list). Point is, it doesn't necessarily have to be titled "Best" or "Greatest," as evidenced by many a list included at AM.