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Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

What Goes Around...Comes Around - Justin Timberlake
Umbrella - Rhianna ft. Jay Z
Give It To Me - Timbaland, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake
The Way I Are - Timbaland
Stronger - Kanye West
Keep Your Hands Off My Girl - Good Charlotte
UFO - Sneaky Sound System
Zdarlight - Digitalism
Wait A Minute - Pussycat Dolls
Yeah Yeah - Bodyrox ft. Luciana
Better Day - Dirty South & Paul Harris
The Others - TV Rock ft. Dukes of Windsor
Proper Education - Eric Prydz vs Floyd
La Musique - Riot in Belgium

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

You're asking for it on this forum with some of those choices! Some are stretches and don't really deserve critical acclaim in my book, but at least you can give credit to a good pop song. Some people on this site can't even give credit to a good song made after 1999.
Big Timbaland fan I guess? I liked Wait a Minute a lot.

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

I love 'What Goes Around.../...Comes Around Interlude', fantastic song, and I quite like 'The Way I Are' as well although I kinda dislike Timbaland for saying stuff like "I'm gonna quite because otherwise nobody else has a chance, I'm too good for this business". Stronger is quite decent, while Umbrella is just downright annoying. The rest I'm not familiar enough with.

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007


Listened to Give It To Me and Wait A Minute a few times, pretty decent songs as well. Timbaland does have a knack for making good songs.

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

Good Charlotte?
You've had a shocker by including them...

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

Songs that deserve acclaim in 2007 :

- every song of the Jens Lekman, of Montreal and Lucky Soul albums
- Josh Rouse "Sweetie"
- Richard Swift "Artist & repertoire"
- Kula Shaker "Die for love"
- The Go! Team "Grip like a vice" and "Doing it right"
- The High Llamas "Winter's day"
- Panda Beer "Bro's"
- Richard Hawley "Tonight the streets are ours"
- The Clientele "Bookshop casanova"

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

I forgot to mention the killer track "Baby ate my eyeball" by Super Furry Animals.

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

Energy and Same Old Drag by Apples in Stereo. This album came out so early that as always Apples in Stereo is going to be snubbed again during year end lists.

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

Some of my choices:

Sunset Rubdown - Up On Your Leopard, Upon The End Of Your Feral Days (best song of the year)
Sunset Rubdown - Stallion
Okkervil River - Our Life Is Not A Movie or Maybe
The New Pornographers - My Rights Versus Yours
The National - Slow Show
The Shins - Phantom Limb
Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker
Architecture In Helsinki - Like It Or Not
The Go! Team - Grip Like A Vice
The Apples In Stereo - Sunndal Song
Kanye West - Stronger
of Montreal - Heimdalsgate Like A Promethean Curse
LCD Soundsystem - North American Scum
Modest Mouse - Spitting Venom

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

With video links, where available!

LCD Soundsystem- "All My Friends"- my recollection of hearing this song for the first time is seriously one of the most amazing musical memories I've ever had. The edit doesn't quite build like it should, but here's the vid:

!!!- "Must Be the Moon"- The final 2:04 in the album mix constitutes the most ridiculously dirty funk I've heard in a LONG time. The lyrics are silly and throwaway, but that bass line most certainly is NOT...

Chromeo- "Tenderoni"- continuing with the funk tradition, this song has everything and the kitchen sink- the synthetic voice, trademark synth bass, handclaps, soul-clapping, fade in, fade out... the works!

Robyn- "With Every Heartbeat"- emotive electropop at its finest. That melody simply aches, and I love that. Pristine electro bliss....

Kylie Minogue- "White Diamond"- I'm not sure if this will see an official single release this year, but it certainly deserves it and would be the perfect vehicle to drive Kylie's comeback. This is a gorgeous and moving slice of music that illustrates the power of pop at its most meaningful and potent. Stunning!

Arcade Fire- "No Cars Go"- sweeping, majestic grandeur at its finest! The power of the imagination....

Gwen Stefani- "Early Winter"- straight out of the 80s, this delicious slice of new wave just soars.

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

1. Energy – The Apples In Stereo

2. The Ballad Of Love And Hate – The Avett Brothers

3. North American Scum – LCD Soundsystem

4. Paper Planes – M.I.A.

5. Four Winds – Bright Eyes

6. Imitosis – Andrew Bird

7. Myriad Harbor – The New Pornographers

8. Flourescent Adolescent – Artic Monkees

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

Don't be sad Tim, I'm sure that the Apples in Stereo record will have a place in the top 50 in the year-end lists polls.
I also think the same thing about the of Montreal and Shins albums. They have been released in January but will get some acclaims for sure.

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

This year has been so good that anything released early other than the Arcade Fire (and maybe even that) is going to get snubbed. It seems like there has been at least one really great album a week this year. I haven't seen this much quality music since maybe 2001-2002.

Re: Songs that deserve critical acclaim for 2007

Just a sampling of my favorites which isn't even taking into account radio hits much.

Against Me!- Stop
Arcade Fire- Intervention
Battles- Atlas
Blonde Redhead- SW
Bone Thugs n Harmony- Flow Motion
Brunettes- If You Were an Alien
Chromeo- Tenderoni
Crowded House- Nobody Wants To
Dizzee Rascal- Sirens
Dr. Dog- My Old Ways
Frog Eyes- Stockades
Jarvis Cocker- Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
Justice- DANCE
MIA- 20 Dollar
National- Brainy
New Pornographers- Challengers
Nina Nastasia- Our Discussion
Of Montreal- Cato as a Pun
Okkervil River- Our Life is Not a Movie or Maybe
Paul McCartney- Dance Tonight
Rihanna- Umbrella
Shins- Phantom Limb
St. Vincent- Now, Now
Stars- The Night Starts Here
Super Furry Animals- Run Away
Talib Kweli- Hostile Gospel
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- Sons of Cain, Who Do You Love
Tegan and Sara- The first 5 songs of the album could be my top 5 of this year
White Stripes- Rag and Bone