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BNIT: The Final Four

It’s time to decide this thing—here are the last four survivors of the BNIT.

3. Love, “Alone Again Or”
7. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer”
13. The La’s, “There She Goes”
33. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl”

Ballots will be due at midnight on Saturday, September 15.

You know what to do.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

1. THE WHITE STRIPES, “FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL”: A tight, raucous, blistering 2-minute rollercoaster of jagged, screeching garage-pop-punk. Nice adjectives everyone; I think that sums it up rather well.
2. THE LA’S, “THERE SHE GOES”: Contrary to my comments from the previous round, I actually do like this song quite a bit. My rationale for ranking it last in its bracket, however, was its melodic offering, although quite strong, seemed rather meager in comparison to Dylan’s story and Lennon’s chant. But it’s here (surprisingly), and to that I say: let this be a lesson to all young songwriters: feel free to write a song without verses, but your melody damn well better be ridiculously catchy. May this or Jack White’s little love song be hailed as the best snub!
3. TALKING HEADS, “PSYCHO KILLER”: Definitely bizarre and catchy (as Honorio mentioned), but not better than the two songs above.
4. LOVE, “ALONE AGAIN OR”: Still don’t know what the appeal is, and it’s not for lack of trying. I’ve listened to this song repeatedly over the past week, and although it has grown on me somewhat, it’s probably more familiarity than anything.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

I had a hard time to rank these four.

1. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl” - Short and to the point. Why do we have songs longer than 1 min 50 sec?
2. Love, “Alone Again Or” - Since I don't have any Ennio Morricone songs to vote for, I'll push a little for the one that must have been inspired by him.
3. The La’s, “There She Goes” - Wonderful pop song. I still prefer to think of "she" as a girl though.
4. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” - ...a cassette player provides rhythm...well as cool as the opening of Stop Making Sense may be, the song doesn't hold up against the other three.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

Very, very tough choices, but then, that should be the case in the final, shouldn’t it?

For me, this is three masterpieces and then a big dropoff to #4.

1. TALKING HEADS, “PSYCHO KILLER”: But just barely. Actually, Henrik, it’s the Laurie Anderson-wannabe version on Stop Making Sense—the finest live album of the last 40 or so years—that pushed this one to the top for me.
2. THE LA’S, “THERE SHE GOES”: Hmm…could be a Rickenbacker, maybe with just a teensy bit of sustain on it to create a fuller sound. In any case, it’s an absolutely beautiful riff which sets off Lee Mavers’ vocals really well when his falsetto descends to a tenor growl.
3. THE WHITE STRIPES, “FELL IN LOVE WITH A GIRL”: I decided to rank the other two songs a little higher for this reason: “Psycho Killer” and “There She Goes” could be (and one has been) credibly covered by other artists more or less as they are, which tells me that those songs transcend their performances. This one I can’t see being performed properly by anyone but Jack & Meg (I haven’t heard Joss Stone’s cover, jonmarck, but from your description it sounds like a very different version). That doesn’t make it bad, but in this group, fine distinctions like that are necessary—I fell hard for the Stripes the first time I heard this, and I’ve never gotten tired of it; even my wife, who doesn’t thrash much, loves this. And I have nothing but love for songs that do it fast and loud and in less than two minutes (see also: Ramones). I’ll have no problem if this wins.
4. LOVE, “ALONE AGAIN OR”: Like Anthony, I still haven’t fallen for it—and I doubt that I will, although I have to respect a song that’s gotten this far. I guess I see the appeal, but for me, if you’re going to be psychedelic in 1967, you really better be either catchy (Beatles) or ballsy (Jefferson Airplane) or both (Hendrix). This is just…floaty.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

Four great songs. Hard to pick....

1. The La’s, “There She Goes” - Actually, this is a pretty easy No. 1 for me based on melody, instrumentation, and hook.
2. Love, “Alone Again Or” - I think this one is a grower.
3. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” - "Writing about music is like dancing about architecture..." And I am running out of things to say, other than to say that, subjectively, I like this one third best.
4. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl” - I'm from Detroit, but my pop tendencies keep the other three ranked higher.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

Man I was really hoping to ride Sweet Dreams to #1. Now I'm torn between the top two...

1. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl” - Though the following hits more in the cerebral department this duo know how to make a hook count. White also sings poorly better than David Byrne sings poorly. Extra kudos for writing a thriller only using 5 chords.
2. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” - The song that convinced me there was something to Byrne's over-caffeinated yelping.
3. The La’s, “There She Goes” - Bubblegum song about hard drugs. Pass.
4. Love, “Alone Again Or” - Boring, outdated and unremarkable. Do I seem bitter about the last bracket?

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

1. Love, “Alone Again Or”
2. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer”
3. The La’s, “There She Goes”
4. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl”

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

1. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer”- I never really liked the Talking Heads and so I never watched Stop Making Sense. Then I decided to rent it and suddenly it all made sense. Amazing band, amazing song. Blows all of the other songs out of the water. I would vote for about 10 other Talking Heads songs before any the rest of these.
2. The La’s, “There She Goes”- But, this is still a pretty good song in it's own right. It's just not great I don't think.
3. Love, “Alone Again Or”- The only Love song I think is great is A House is Not a Motel. That song would probably take #1 in some brackets in the real thing, but the rest of their catalog and this song as well just aren't really that great.
4. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl”- The only thing I find amazing by the White Stripes is how they became what they are today. They aren't bad by any means, but it just boggles my mind that they are probably the most acclaimed rock band of this current generation.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

In preparation of the final four I've been listening to both songs like 5 times, and this is the eventual listing:

1. The La’s, “There She Goes” - My favorite new find, I'm starting to like this song more and more. What a fantastic song. Amazing how they make 4 choruses and a bridge into a masterpiece. I'd like to extend my gratitude to schleuse, without you I'd never have found this.
2. Love, “Alone Again Or” - Decent Song, with quite a lovely instrumental last 2 minutes
3. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” - My personal favorite Talking Heads song, a lot better than the more acclaimed 'Once In A Lifetime', I've started to appreciate it a little more over the last 2-3 days.
4. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl” - Possibly the most overrated song from one of the most overrated bands of this generation. It's not that they're bad, they're just kinda boring. They have a grand total of 2 decent songs, and this is not one of them. It never got into the top 100 in the US, and not even in the top 20 in the UK. The videoclip is nice, but since when did we start giving credits for that?

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

1. The La’s, “There She Goes”: glad to see that this song is growing in many of AM posters. Blame it to the secret ingredient of the formula of pop , the one that creates addiction, the one that makes you sing along and hear the song again and again, the one that makes this style superior to any other (in my opinion). By the way, I don’t know the secret ingredient. If I know it maybe I would be Paul McCartney. Or Lee Mavers.
2. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer”: hysterical but cool performance from the most influential and memorable post-punk band.
3. Love, “Alone Again Or”: a delicious anomaly in 60s California psychedelic scene. Ear candy.
4. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl”: nice and brief slice of garage-rock. But, Henrik, talking about short songs I would choose Pixies’ “Allison”. 1’17” of sheer energy.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

1)The La's - There She Goes:The easy winner here - just one of those timeless,classic tunes - great guitar sound and vocals - who cares what the lyrics are about? Great song
2)Talking Heads - Psycho Killer:I hated so much of their stuff but this is hilariously good - would have to be a contender for best American single of the late 70s
3)Love - Alone again or - Well not really that great,I've listened to it many times lately but does nothing for me
4)The White Stripes - Fell In Love With A Girl:Same with this - it's just so unmemorable,unremarkable

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

Here's something kinda related: Have you ever noticed that not only is Tina Weymouth not only one of the only female bassists who doesn't suck ass but she's actually really really really good? She can easily hold her own against the males if not outperform most of 'em.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

Yeah, she's awesome. If anybody here has not watched Stop Making Sense they need to. Listening to it is far from enough because you don't really appreciate the talents of the band and the genius of David Byrne until you watch them live. Then it all clicks and you'll never hear a Talking Heads song the same again.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

1. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer”
2. Love, “Alone Again Or”
3. The La’s, “There She Goes”
4. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl”

All four of these songs are pitch fucking perfect, in their own ways, so ranking them wasn't easy. Still, with the thinnest of margins seperating #1 from #4...

"Psycho Killer" is crammed full of great little touches that never fail to do it for me. The anguished, stifled cry of "I hate people when they're not polite" is the most perfectly hilarious and astute observation on socially phobic modern living in the world. So there.

"Alone Again Or" is freaking gorgeous, one of the all-time great album-openers on one of the all-time great albums. The orchestration, depth and colour of the piece are dazzling, and the sentiment is beautiful.

"There She Goes" is a straight-up perfect pop song - no more, no less. Not that you can put a price on perfect pop.

And "Fell In Love With A Girl" is fuckin' awesome too! Manic, raucous, jumpin' on tables sorta shit.

So, there we go.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

1. The La’s, “There She Goes” - It really gives me a kick, like a drug.
2. Love, “Alone Again Or” - It sounds classic, it is classic, a sweet love song with a trumphet.
3. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl” - A song to fall in love with, full of energy.
4. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” - Once in a lifetime is even more fantastic!

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

Well, I like all of these songs and believe that they all more or less deserve their acclaim. Also, since we've all already said a lot about these songs (third time around now), I'm going to sum them up in one word with a parenthetical statement. So it's not really one word, but ... ah, forget it.

1. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl” - Infectious (The reason I even started voting in the BNIT)
2. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” - Quirky (Possessing a peculiarity, peculiar trait, or mannerism)
3. Love, “Alone Again Or” - Urgent (The rhythm inexorably pulls me along)
4. The La’s, “There She Goes” - Deceptive (would be better if it was about a heroine and not heroin)

Re: BNIT: The Final Four

1. Love, “Alone Again Or” – By far, my favorite of these four songs. I like them all, but this is still an easy pick.
2. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” – It’s hard to come up with fresh insights once we move past the initial round of these games. Like the man says: “Say something once – why say it again?”
3. The La’s, “There She Goes” – I don’t really like this one as much as #4, but …
4. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl” - … this is a protest vote, because “Heroin” got robbed. It should be here; it very likely would have won. I’m not planning to do this kind of thing in the main Bracketology semis or finals because it’s a little petty, but this one really ticked me off.

Re: BNIT: The Final Four


Well, I can’t say I’m overjoyed with these four songs. I miss aretha, Dylan and the others, but her’s my choice

1. Love, “Alone Again Or” **** : I love it a little less than the last time, but still. What I like the most is the spanish influence (guitar playing, chords, and that beautiful trumpet solo).
2. The White Stripes, “Fell in Love with a Girl” *** : great energy, raw power; I prefer Jack when he’s a little more subtle, but it’s ok.
3. The La’s, “There She Goes” *** : Well, it’s beautiful, of course, most of all the guitar sound is divine, very good introbut it’s Britpop 7 years before it exploded, with the same sound that I don’t like that much (too clean, too perfect). And sorry but I think it’s just a love song and not a drug song.
4. Talking Heads, “Psycho Killer” *** : i was just sitting there thinking, listening to the song, and sayin’ to myself I don’t like the way he sings (and how can so many of you be so crazy about that ?), but then my daughter entered the room dancing just in rhythm (she’s 3) and I realized the song has something. It’s in the rhythm, it’s the beat similar to Can); but I don’t dig the robotic singing. Those bands (Talking Heads, Television) make me realize I am more a singer than a musician, cause if they are skilled with instruments, I like their songs until they open their mouth, or when they don’t (instrumental final of psycho killer is great)