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Criticulture.com is a new site that combines critics' reviews on one site. The site was created by Jason Dietz, who also created metacritic 8 years ago.

The two sites look very similar but criticulture includes even more sources.

"About Criticulture.com
Launched in July 2007, Criticulture.com combines music news updates, the web’s best CD release calendar, and roundups of the latest album reviews from over 80 prominent critics and publications into one easy-to-use site. The site is updated frequently throughout the day, pretty much every day of the week.

Although Criticulture’s focus now is on music, we hope to add additional entertainment coverage later in the year (with a target of first adding TV coverage in time for the fall season, and potentially videogame and movie coverage later this fall).

You will never miss an update if you subscribe to our RSS feed, or to our daily email digests. How’s that for convenient?

Any questions or comments? Feel free to contact us.

Current staff and contributors
Site editor Jason Dietz met a critic or two as the designer and co-founder of a popular entertainment review site, where he served as Music and Television Editor from 1999-2007. He is the creator and designer of Criticulture."

Re: Criticulture

In the words of Daffy Duck: "Thith meanth war"

Re: Criticulture

I like metacritic better for finding new music since you get that handy little rating (as inaccurate as it might be). Criticulture has its moments though. I think their release calender is the best I've ever seen.

Re: Criticulture

Just thought I'd let everyone know that as of this past Saturday, according to the lead item on the site, "Criticulture is on hiatus". They write, with a certain resigned defensiveness, "we have determined that, for the most part, there is unfortunately little to be gained by doing a better job of what is done elsewhere."

Re: Criticulture

Yes, the release calendar is nice, and luckily they will keep updating that despite the hiatus.

So far, I used to get the release info from a Dutch site called MusicMeter:


Even though the site is in Dutch only, album titles are quite universal ...