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Just wondering if maybe there could be a feature to sort the songs/albums in an artist's page by the year, decade or all-time rank?

Re: Sorting

I have thought about this too, but at least now the answer is no, because there's no database solution behind the pages. I create every page (using a program) and upload them. Adding an artist-page-sorted-by-alltime-rank feature would mean that I have to create and upload twice as many artist pages and I don't think it's worth it.

What you can do is download the Excel sheets and sort them by artist and ranking. I hope that's OK with you.

Re: Sorting

I mean like being able to click to all-time rank words in a page and it auto-sorting, but if that's not possible, how would I be able to download like the rolling stones artist page on excel?

Re: Sorting

Sui, the best you can do is copy and paste the Stones page (or any artist page, or year page) into an Excel spreadsheet. Then you'll be able to sort the columns and rows any way you like. Before Henrik started doing the Excel files on the homepage, that's exactly how I used to save the main album and song lists.

Re: Sorting

What I meant is that you download the Excel sheet of all 3000 albums/songs (that is available on the homepage) and sort the table by artist and rank. Then you can scroll down to The Rolling Stones or whatever artist you like.

But Harold's suggestion is good too.