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Slick Tournament Of Rock/1991 (Day #1)

I am starting with 1991 and branching out in each direction until we hit 1976 & 2007. For each year there is a tournament style bracket of 64 songs for which the forum can vote for the winners of each matchup with the winner advancing until we get the 32 winners from each year into a final tournament style bracket. Each day I will post a new bracket with 8 matchups and we will decide the winners by voting on the message board. Here is the first bracket for the year 1991:

DAY #1
(1) Nirvana-“Smells Like Teen Spirit”
(16) Prince-“Cream”

(8) My Bloody Valentine-“Only Shallow”
(9) The Black Crowes-“She Talks To Angels”

(5) Anthrax/Public Enemy-“Bring the Noise”
(12) Crowded House-“Fall at Your Feet”

(4) Soundgarden-“Outshined”
(13) Bonnie Raitt-“I Can’t Make You Love Me”

(3) LL Cool J-“Mama Said Knock You Out”
(14) Big Audio Dynamite II-“Rush”

(6) Massive Attack-“Safe From Harm”
(11) Guns ‘N Roses-“Don’t Cry”

(7) U2-“The Fly”
(10) Manic Street Preachers-“You Love Us”

(2) Primal Scream-“Higher Than the Sun”
(15) Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers-“Into The Great Wide Open”

Have fun with this... I will leave each open bracket up for a month before the polls close and I will then announce who goes on to the next round.

Re: Slick Tournament Of Rock/1991 (Day #1)

well, that's a pity you don't go farther back than 1976

Re: Slick Tournament Of Rock/1991 (Day #1)

I wanted to go back to 1964 and probably will eventually. The problem was I needed either 32 or 64 winners from each year to set up an even bracket and going 64 puts me all the way back into the 40's!!!

Re: Slick Tournament Of Rock/1991 (Day #1)

I'm curious how you got the list/seeding. The seeding doesn't match the order on the acclaimed music list, and at least one of these songs (Mama Said Knock You Out) is listed as a 1990 song.

Re: Slick Tournament Of Rock/1991 (Day #1)

About a year ago I had a panel of about 20 people and along with various critics lists and airplay charts it totaled about 30 or so lists for each year comprising a top 150 singles for each year dating back from '64-'06. The only difference in the criteria was I used release dates of the singles instead of the albums. i.e. songs like "Under The Bridge" & "Jeremy" would fall under '92 instead of the AM list that has them in '91. When I used lists like AM in the original compiling of the charts I had accounted for things like that. Anyway, the seeds for this experiment are comprised of seeding 1-64 accordingly. Though "Mama Said Knock You Out" is listed as 1990 in AM, the single was released in '91 and thus I used it for that year.

Re: Slick Tournament Of Rock/1991 (Day #1)

How about going back to 1960 and using 48 years, then in the second round robin use groups of 3 instead of 1 v 1 matchups? Then for the roundrobin you can do a random number generator to pick one song from 1960-1975, one from 1976-1981 and one from 1982-2007. It kinda shortchanges Elvis, but that'll happen. Also, there aren't any songs listed for 2007 so maybe you would want to do 1959-2006.

Personally I think this idea is awesome since I think the new stuff hasn't gotten as much love in the general bracketology and I'd like to see that happen.