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what are you favorite online radio stations ?

I really want to know good online radio station but there are so many of them I need recommandations.

What are your favorites ?

For my part, I listen to excellent music programs made by BBC3 with Andy Kershaw, but it's not a rock station and rather a mix of world, blues, country and rock but it's excellent anyway http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio3/andykershaw/
On this site you can also check out a program called Late Junction (for musically open minded people)
Also New Orleans station WWOZ (jazz and heritage station) //www.wwoz.org/

In FRance, I listen to Radio Nova http://www.novaplanet.com/radio-nova/
This one is a modern one, dedicated to urban music and rock

Don't hesitate to share your favorites

Re: what are you favorite online radio stations ?

Last.fm has excellent radio stations, although I prefer just listening to my own music.

There's a Dutch station called "Radio 2" which plays mostly my type of music.. most other stations play Rihanna's Umbrella about 5 times a day.. god I hate that song.

Re: what are you favorite online radio stations ?

I haven't listened to it in a long while, but 3wk.com was my original gateway into discovering the Beta Band, so I have to give them credit.

I don't know about the international implications, but I've heard that online radio stations over the last few months are getting hit pretty hard legally by record companies demanding huge royalties to be paid for each online play of a song. It might hit the quality of online radio stations in the near future.

I also get podcasts from NPR's All Songs Considered, and Stylusmagazine's stypod.

The playlists for pitchforkmedia.com and insound.com also are filled with dozens of songs and have interesting stuff changed pretty regularly.

Re: what are you favorite online radio stations ?

I listen to last.fm radios : according the mood where I'm in, I listen the "tagged indie" radio, the "tagged power-pop" radio, or one of the personal radios of my 5 closest neighbour.