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Garbage for sure

So i heard that the band Garbage put out a greatest hits on the 17th called "Absolute Garbage". I remember listening to them when i was a kid in the 90's and loving them and Shirley Manson being my idol. My friend at umg told me about the release and i made sure to pick it up. For more info about the band check out myspace.com/garbage

Re: Garbage for sure

Gee Mike, thanks for being such a pal. You know, you don't sound one bit like all those record company weasels who will stoop to every low to sell another disc. Did you hear that now they're actually paying folks to go on message forums to promote their albums? Isn't that disgusting? And these posters pretend like they're the biggest fans and your best friend. I guess that's what happens when the band can't survive on their own merits and they need someone to put a lot of money behind them. But I'm glad you're not like that Mike. You seem like a regular guy who would never consider exploiting a music fan.