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french list # 4 : Rock and Folk 300 records 1965-95

There was a time (the 90s) when French rock magazine Rock & Folk used to publish a "Best records fo all times" special issue every other year...
I already gave you 1991, and I saw you already have the 1999 edition
Here's 1995's '300 disques incontournables" (300 records that cannot be overlooked)

sorry Henrik for all the work I give you
I'll try to post one every week, OK ?

1965 BEATLES Rubber soul
1965 DYLAN Bob Highway 61 revisired
1965 REDDING Otis Otis blue
1965 SHADOWS The More hits
1966 BEACH BOYS Pet sounds
1966 BEATLES Revolver
1966 DYLAN Bob Blonde on blonde
1966 MAYALL John Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton
1966 ROLLING STONES Aftermath
1966 TURNER Ike and Tina River deep - Mountain high
1966 YARDBIRDS Over under sideways down
1966 ZAPPA Frank Freak out
1967 BEATLES Sgt pepper's lonely heart club band
1967 BUCKLEY Tim Good bye and hello
1967 CREAM Fresh cream
1967 DOORS Strange days
1967 GREEN'S Peter FLEETWOOD MAC Live at the BBC
1967 HENDRIX Jimi Are you experienced
1967 LOVE Forever changes
1967 PINK FLOYD The piper at the gates of dawn
1967 VELVET UNDERGROUND The Velvet Underground and Nico
1968 BEATLES The Beatles ( double blanc )
1968 BYRDS The Sweettheart of the Rodeo
1968 FRANKLIN Aretha Lady soul
1968 HENDRIX Jimi Electric ladyland
1968 JOPLIN Janis Cheap thrills
1968 KINKS The Are the village green preservation society
1968 NEWMAN Randy Randy Newman
1968 ROLLING STONES Beggar's banquet
1968 VELVET UNDERGROUND White light / White heat
1969 BAND The The band
1969 BEATLES Abbey Road
1969 BECK Jeff Beck Ola / Cosa Nostra
1969 CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and The MAGIC BAND Trout mask replica
1969 CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Willie and the poor Boys
1969 HALLYDAY Johnny Je suis né dans la rue
1969 KING CRIMSON In the court of the crimson king
1969 LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin II
1969 MC 5 Back in the USA
1969 PRESLEY Elvis From Elvis in Memphis
1969 PROCOL HARUM A salty dog
1969 QUICKSILVER Happy trails
1969 ROLLING STONES Let it bleed
1969 SPRINGFIELDS Dusty Dusty in Memphis
1969 STOOGES The The Stooges
1969 VAN MORRISON Astral weeks
1969 VELVET UNDERGROUND The Velvet Underground
1969 WHO Tommy
1969 WINTER Jhonny Second Winter
1969 ZAPPA Frank Hot rats
1970 DAVIS Miles Bitches brew
1970 DEEP PURPLE In rock
1970 DEREK and the DOMINOS Layla & Assorted love songs
1970 GRATEFUL DEAD Live Dead
1970 HENDRIX Jimi Band of Gypsys
1970 JOHN Elton Elton John
1970 LENNON John Plastic Ono Band
1970 SANTANA Abraxas
1970 SEGER Bob SYSTEM Mongrel
1970 STOOGES The Fun house
1970 TEN YEARS AFTER Cricklewood green
1970 WHO Live at Leeds
1971 ALLMAN BROTHER BAND The Live at Filmore East
1971 BLUE OYSTER CULT Blue Oyster Cult
1971 DOORS LA Woman
1971 FACES The Long Player
1971 FLAMIN' GROOVIES Teenage head
1971 GAYE Marvin What's going on
1971 LED ZEPPELIN Led Zeppelin IV
1971 ROLLING STONES Sticky fingers
1971 SLY & THE FAMILY STONE There's a riot goin on
1971 STEWART Rod Electric warrior
1971 T REX Electric warrior
1971 WHO Who's next
1972 BIG STAR #1 record
1972 CAN Tago Mago
1972 HATHAWAY Donny Live (1972)
1972 HUMBLE PIE Smokin
1972 J GEILS BAND Live / Full house
1972 JJ CALE Naturally
1972 MOTT THE HOOPLE Rock'n roll queen
1972 REED Lou Transformer
1972 ROLLING STONES Exile on main street
1972 WHITE Tony Joe The train I'm on
1972 YOUNG Neil Harvest
1973 BLACK SABBATH Sabbath bloody sabbath
1973 BOWIE David Aladdin sane
1973 LYNYRD SKYNYRD Prononced lèh nerd skin nérd
1973 MARLEY Bob and THE WAILERS Catch a fire
1973 NEW YORK DOLLS The The New York Dolls
1973 PARSON Graham GP
1973 PINK FLOYD Dark side of the moon
1973 STOOGES The and IGGY Raw power
1973 WONDER Stevie Innervision
1973 YES Tales from topographic ocean
1973 ZZ TOP Tres hombres
1974 CALE John Fear
1974 GALLAGHER Rory Irish Tour 74
1974 GENESIS The lamb lies down on Broadway
1974 METERS The Rejuvenation
1974 REED Lou Rock'n roll animal
1974 SPARKS Kimono my house
1974 WYATT Robert Rock bottom
1975 AEROSMITH Toys in the attic
1975 DR FEELGOOD Malpractice
1975 LED ZEPPELIN Physical graffiti
1975 MARLEY Bob and THE WAILERS Live at the lyceum
1975 MITCHELL Joni The hissing of summer lawns
1975 QUEEN A night at the opera
1975 SMITH Patti Horses
1975 SPRINGSTEEN Bruce Born to run
1975 YOUNG Neil Tonight's the night
1976 BOWIE David Station to station
1976 EAGLES The Hotel California
1976 MODERN LOVERS The The modern lovers
1976 STEELY DAN The royal Scam
1977 BIJOU Danse avec moi
1977 BLONDIE Plastic letters
1977 BOWIE David Low
1977 DE VILLE Mink Cabretta
1977 DIRE STRAITS Communiqué
1977 DWIGHT TWILLEY Twilley don't mind
1977 ENO Brian Before and after science
1977 FUNKADELIC One nation under a groove
1977 GAINSBOURG Serge L'homme à la tête de choux
1977 JAM The All mod cons
1977 LITTLE BOB STORY Livin in the fast lane
1977 POP Iggy The idiot
1977 RADIO BIRDMAN Radio appears
1977 SEX PISTOLS The Never mind the bollock here's the Sex Pistols
1977 TALKING HEADS Talking heads 77
1977 TELEPHONE Au cœur de la nuit
1977 TELEVISION Marquee moon
1977 TOSH Peter Equal rights
1978 BUZZCOCKS The Another music in different kitchen
1978 CERTAIN GENERAL November's heat
1978 COSTELLO Elvis This year's model
1978 DEVO Q : Are we not men ? A ; We are Devo
1978 DURY Ian New boots panties
1978 KRAFTWERK The man-machine
1978 PERE UBU Modern dance
1978 POLICE The Outlandos d'amour
1978 REED Lou Street hassle
1978 SCORPIONS Tokyo tapes
1978 SUICIDE Sucide
1978 THIN LIZZY Live and dangerous
1978 VAN HALEN Van Halen 1
1979 AC DC Highway to hell
1979 CHIC Risqué
1979 CLASH The London calling
1979 CURE The Three imaginary boys
1979 FAITHFULL Marianne Broken english
1979 GAINSBOURG Serge Aux armes et caetera
1979 JACKSON Joe Look sharp
1979 PINK FLOYD The wall
1979 PUNLIC IMAGE LIMITED Second edition
1979 RAMONES It's alive
1979 STRANGLERS The Raven
1979 TALKING HEADS Fear of music
1979 XTC Drums and wires
1979 YOUNG Neil Rust never sleeps
1980 AC DC Back in black
1980 B 52's Wild planet
1980 BASEMENT 5 1695-1980/Basement 5 in dub
1980 BROWN James Soum syndrome
1980 CLAPTON Eric Just one night
1980 DIVISION Joy Closer
1980 PRETENDERS Pretenders
1980 PRINCE Dirty mind
1980 SCAGGS Bob Middle man
1980 SPECIALS The More specials
1980 TALKING HEADS Remain in light
1980 YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS Colossal youth
1981 BERURIER NOIR Concerto pour détraqués
1981 BIG BLACK The rich man's eight track tape
1981 DEAD KENNEDYS Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables
1981 FELA Original suferhead
1981 MARQUIS DE SADE Rue de siam
1981 MOTORHEAD No sleep till Hamersmith
1981 RITA MITSOUKO The no comprendo
1981 ROLLING STONES Tattoo you
1982 BASHUNG Alain Play blessures
1982 CHURCH The The blurred crusade
1982 CURE The Pornography
1982 FAGEN Ronald The nightfly
1982 GAYE Marvin Midnight love
1982 GUN CLUB the Miami
1982 JACKSON Michael Thriller
1982 PRINCE "1999"
1982 SPRINGSTEEN Bruce Nebraska
1982 STRAY CATS The Gonna ball
1982 WALL OF WOODOO Call of the west
1983 BOWIE David Let's dance
1983 IDOL Billy Rebel yell
1983 MADONNA Madonna
1983 POLICE The Synchronicity
1983 REM Murmur
1984 PRINCE Purple rain
1984 RAY VAUGHAN Stevie & DOUBLE TROUBLE Couldn't stand the weather
1984 SMITHS The The Smiths
1984 SPRINGSTEEN Bruce Born in the USA
1984 TURNER Tina Private dancer
1985 COSTELLO Elvis King of America
1985 JESUS & MARY CHAIN Psycho candy
1985 NEW ORDER Low life
1985 PRINCE Around the world in a day
1986 BANGLES The Different light
1986 BEASTIES BOYS Licensed to IIII
1986 CRAY Robert Don't be afraid of the dark
1986 GABRIEL Peter So
1986 HUSKER DU Candy apple grey
1986 JACKSON Janet Control
1986 MANO NEGRA Puta's fever
1986 SLAYER Reign in blood
1986 YOAKAM Dwight Guitars cadillac etc etc
1987 CULT The Electric
1987 GREEN ON RED The killer inside me
1987 GUNS N'ROSES Appetite for destruction
1987 ISSAK Chris Silvertone
1987 METALLICA The S 5 98 EP George days re-visited
1987 MICHAEL George Faith
1987 MIDNIGHT OIL Diesel and dust
1987 SATRIANI Joe Surfing with the alien
1987 U2 The joshua tree
1988 DE LA SOUL Three feet high and rising
1988 JANE'S ADDICTION Ritual de lo habitual
1988 NINE INCH NAILS Pretty gate machines
1988 PUBLIC ENEMY Fear of a black planet
1988 RICHARDS Keith Talk is cheap
1988 WILSON Brian Brian Wilson
1989 808 STATE Ninely
1989 CRAMPS The Stay sick
1989 DYLAN Bob Oh mercy
1989 NEVILLE BROTHERS The Yellow moon
1989 PIXIES Doolitlle
1989 SOUL II SOUL Club classic volume one
1989 WIO Jad Contact
1990 HAPPY MONDAYS Pills n'thrills & bellyaches
1990 PET SHOP BOYS Behaviour
1990 SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Light .. Camera .. Revolution
1991 A TRIBE CALLED QUEST Midnight marauders
1991 CAMPBELL John One believer
1991 GUNS N'ROSES Use your illusion I
1991 GUNS N'ROSES Use your illusion II
1991 KLF the The white room
1991 MASSIVE ATTACK Blue lines
1991 METALLICA Mettalica
1991 NIRVANA Nevermind
1991 PEARL JAM Ten
1991 RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS The Bloodsugarsexmagic
1991 REM Out of time
1992 BLACK CROWES The The southern harmony and musical companion
1992 BODY COUNT Body count
1992 DAHO Etienne Paris ailleurs
1992 JAYHAWK The Hollywood town hall
1992 KHALED Khaled
1992 REM Automatic for the people
1993 110 BELOW Volume 1 - Journey in dub
1993 BECK Jeff Crazy legs
1993 BJORK Debut
1993 BLUR Parklife
1993 BUCKLEY Jeff Grace
1993 CHAKA DEMUS & PLIERS Tease me
1993 DOGS Three is a crowd
1993 IAM Ombre est lumière
1993 MC SOLAAR Prose combat
1993 NOIR DESIR Tostaky
1993 OASIS Definitely maybe
1993 RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Rage against the machine
1993 REVEREND HORTON HEAT The The full gospel sound of
1993 SNOOP DOGGY DOGG Dogstyle
1993 U2 Zooropa
1994 HOLE Live throug this
1994 L7 Hungry for stink
1994 MASSIVE ATTACK Protection
1994 OFFSPRING Smash
1994 PAGE & PLANT No quarter
1994 PETTY Tom Wildflower
1994 PRODIGY The Music for the Jilted generation
1994 SOUDGARDEN Superunknown
1995 SMASHING PUMPKINS Mellon collie and the infinite sadness
1995 FOO FIGHTERS Foo fighters
1995 WALKER Scott Tilt
1995 PAVEMENT Wowee zowee
1995 HIGH LLAMAS The Gideon gaye
1995 YOUNG Neil Mirror ball 60

Re: french list # 4 : Rock and Folk 300 records 1965-95

I own this 1995 special issue! I was 18 and it was the time I started buying lots of records and I remember it was my guide. I immediately bought "pet sounds", "live at Leeds" and "funhouse" after having read the reviews !
It was a good period...

Re: french list # 4 : Rock and Folk 300 records 1965-95

Thanks Nicolas!

Several of the albums are noted under the wrong year. I have no problem with that, most likely the release year in France was different in some cases.

But in a few cases the release year is closer to another album by the same artist. Could you please check if the titles are correct for these albums:

1967 CREAM Fresh cream
1981 RITA MITSOUKO The no comprendo
1986 MANO NEGRA Puta's fever
1987 ISSAK Chris Silvertone
1988 JANE'S ADDICTION Ritual de lo habitual
1988 PUBLIC ENEMY Fear of a black planet
1993 BLUR Parklife

Sorry for being such a nitpicker.

Re: french list # 4 : Rock and Folk 300 records 1965-95

sorry, I copied/pasted the file from another guy and didn't check it. The years were wrong.
This is the correct timing :

Cream Fresh Cream (1966)
the No comprendo is an album from 1986
Chris Isaak Silvertone (1985)
La Mano Negra's Puta's Fever is from 1989
Fear of a black planet is 1990
blur Parklife (1994)

Re: french list # 4 : Rock and Folk 300 records 1965-95

oh sorry I forgot

ritual de lo habitual by Jane's Addiction is from 1990

Re: french list # 4 : Rock and Folk 300 records 1965-95

The albums titles were correct then. Thanks Nicolas.

Re: french list # 4 : Rock and Folk 300 records 1965-95

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