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I have been searching and searching for the name of a band I used to listen to. I guess my short term memory is gone
Any way I know the album cover is Pink and has a Rabbit on the front.
the music is a bit punk / alternative
and I believe one of the songs is called "Stereo Mic"
Sorry I dont have much more to go off of.
Can anyone help???


Re: HELP!!!

I Found it!!!!!!
It took a lot of searching but after piecing together bits and pieces of my memory......the Album I was looking for was.............Bran Van 3000.

you may all rest easy now!

Re: HELP!!!

I know this is my second post to the same stupid question, but had to share this as well.
The album is titled Glee, and the cover is pink with a rabbit sniffing a deer's ass.

Thats all.


Re: HELP!!!

Glad we could help