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by the way

Hello again

I'm wondering if anybody here has the list of the 500 songs in the book "Heartaches by the number : 500 greatest country singles of all times" made by the country music hall of fame.
I tried to find the list on the web (that is precisely what made me come to this wonderul site) for my country record's lists but I couldn't
If I can't find it, I'll buy the book
Good night everybody

Re: by the way

This is actually a list I have in full writing, but have been too lazy to upload. Here it is:

Heartaches By the Number

Thanks to Michaelangelo Matos who (if I remember correctly) sent the list to me a long time ago.

Nicolas, quite a quick and good response to your two forum posts, eh?

Re: by the way

thank you very much !
i'll be back soon with french lists