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HI everybody

I barely can believe my eyes.
It's the first time I visit this site and i guess I found a real treasure island.
I'm french, I was born in 1970, and, just like Henrik I'm interested in critics' lists of best records, albums, single, artists.
The first I ever came upon was a list made by 20 French critics in 1988 and published by the liberal French newspaper Libération. It contained the best 100 albums of 1968 (date of the big students' protest in France and Liberation's year of birth )to 1988 (by memory : 1. Abbey Road 2. Electric Ladyland 3. Beatle's white album 4. Let it bleed..).
20 years later, I'm working now on big lists of artists and songs representing history of music and based on all sorts of sources (books, encyclopedias, critics'lists from France and also UK/US. In fact there are 4 listes (blues, country, rock, r&b. the first one and the most complete is the blues list, because I'm kind of a specialist on that sort music (I've been listeneing to rock from 10 to 30, and after that, mostly, blues)
These are not charts, but chronological lists.
So, knowing that other people share the same encyclopedic passion fills me with genuine enthousiasm.
I hope I can help this site and this community with my resources.
I wish you a good musical summer

Re: hello

Welcome, and feel free to post some French lists to add to the site. I'm sure Henrik would like some more work.

Re: hello

Hi Nicolas, and welcome to Acclaimed Music. I'm glad you enjoy it!

It sounds like you're sitting on a goldmine. I hope to hear from you again soon.

Re: hello

Thank you

i'll post french lists as soon as I can
My own lists are in progress and I don't know if it's interesting to post them because they are uncomplete (except maybe the Blues one)
BUt what I can post you are French lists, and all my sources
I'll do that in the next weeks when I have time (I have a job and a family but i can save some time)
I'm happy to share some material with you
Good night