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Athlete/Musician Game

Based on the popularity of schleuse's Bracketology game, I realized there are a lot of sport fans on this forum so I decided to begin a thread with this game. Some of you may already be familiar with it. The premise is you take any band or singer and decide which sports star best represents them. Here are some that I think go well together-

Bob Dylan - Michael Jordan

Both started off great, went through a rough stretch in the middle of their careers, then had a resurgence. They were both also 2 of the greatest of alltime in their profession which makes them a natural fit.

The Beatles - Tiger Woods

This comparision may not make too much sense in 10 years once Woods has won a bunch more majors, but for just under a decade these two were dominating with no one coming close to their achievements.

Oasis - David Beckham

These two got off to a promising start but nowadays are known more for what they do off the field then on it.

The Rolling Stones - Muhammed Ali

During their prime no one came close to these 2 but both hung around a little too long.

Sam Cooke - Gale Sayers

Two extremely talented individuals who's careers were tragically cut short during their prime.

Michael Jackson - Barry Bonds

2 very controversial figures who began their careers strong but have since faced a mountain of controversy and allegations.

Anyway those are just a few of mine. Feel free to disagree with any of my picks and make your own.

Re: Athlete/Musician Game

The Sex Pistols - Mike Tyson: Hit the scene with the force of an atom bomb, laying waste to the deadwood that had come before. Then flamed out spectacularly in a haze of rude behavior and drugs.

Beck - Bo Jackson: The only athlete I am aware of to really succeed in multiple sports (other than Jim Thorpe and Babe Didrickson) - and did it in his own inimitable style - gets paired with the man who steals from all genres and does so in his own inimitable style. I considered pairing Bo with Prince, but Prince had so much more longevity and importance. (I'd say that Beck has had more longevity and importance than Bo Jackson as well, but I know a number of people on the boards don't care for Beck.)

Jimi Hendrix - George Best/Mickey Mantle: A twofer to appeal to both sides of the pond. When Best died last year many made note of the similarities with Mantle... the inherent genius for the game both were endowed with, the pure charisma that made them beloved, and the recklessness with booze and women that led to their too early downfall. Sounds like Jimi to me.

And for me there is only one "the greatest" pairing possible: The Beatles-Pele. Woods plays a wussy "sport," so he is not allowed to be paired with the Beatles. I am a soccer guy, so Pele it is.

Re: Athlete/Musician Game

Ricky Henderson:Girl Talk- Both steal at an alarming rate.

Re: Athlete/Musician Game

Metallica: Ivan Rodriguez- Will make you pay if you try to steal from them.

Re: Athlete/Musician Game

What the hell's wrong with you people?!? GRRrrrr.... Artishits and athemeletes gettin' compared to each othah? Only an idiot would think of somethin' like dat...ggrrrr...arrgggg...ggrrrr....rrreeehhhh

Ok, here goes:

Antwon Newcombe-Terrell Owens:

Only an imbosile needs this one explained, so I'll do it. They both currently have more talent than anyone at their job/position along with a pechant for controvery that makes your eye balls roll into the back of your head. Also, Terrell elegedly attempted suicide last year and Antwon inevitably will...problably more successfully than TO...

Kelly Bell-Shaq O'Neal

A couple tiny white dudes...eennnhh...ggrrrr...arrgg

Jimi Hendrix-Bobby Fischer

Both are the absolute, hands down best ever who left the scene as quickly as they came.

Patti Smith-Martina Navratalova

Ugly, hairy arm-pitted, carpet munchers with a devastatingly,poweful impact ggrrrr...arrrggg...rrreeehhh

R.Kelly-Michael Vick

Two misunderstood, classy gentlemen, wrongfully persecuted for their hobbies...arrrggg...gggrrr

Re: Athlete/Musician Game

FYI- Anyone who doesn't think Bobby Fischer is an athlete neither broke a sweat playing rook to queen 9 nor got kicked in the head after a match in Central Park by a 60 stone Samoan spoiled-sport!

David Bowie-Dennis Rodman

Flamboyant, self-promoters with a penchant for androgeny not afraid to break all the rules.